February 22, 2007

Adobe Brings Video Editing Tools Online

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) is pioneering a new way to deliver its industry leading creative software technologies online, with the launch of its web-based video remix and editing technology. Today, Adobe and Photobucket announced a partnership to integrate Adobe web-based video remix and editing technology directly into the Photobucket user experience, giving 35 million Photobucket users direct, free access to world-class digital video editing tools. The agreement marks a new stage in Adobe’s delivery of its renowned video software technologies that today underpin flagship products such as Adobe® Premiere® Elements and Adobe Premiere Pro."
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February 21, 2007

Ars Technica reviews Adobe's Lightroom: The Guardian

"Professional and serious amateur photographers have been waiting for (or beta testing) Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, first shown almost two years ago. Now it has been released, Ars Technica has produced a decent 8-page review."
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February 20, 2007

6 billion Others news: United for Peace and Financial Times

United for Peace wrote the following article about 6 billion Others "VIDEO ART: Preview of ‘6 billion others,’ due in spring 2008"; the Financial Times as well "6bn stories from the earth below".

Visit 6 billion Others, 6 miliardi di Altri, 6 milliards d'Autres!

Have your say: Actionscript Hero Adventures poll

This is a Poll (link) to understand better the needs of the Flash Community.
Thanks for your vote.

Actionscript Hero Adventures:
  • Aggregates the most distinguished members of the flash community around the World

  • Aggregates flash ressources

  • It's search engine provides quickly selected information

  • Is hosted in Paris, France

  • You can suggest a Hero here

February 19, 2007

Become an Actionscript Hero! (II)

hard and dangerous ! Watch video:

Become an Actionscript Hero!

Many emails of people asking how they can become ActionScript Heroes... well, is hard... some tips in this video:

My IP address have been hijacked! Emergency, aSH speaking... (Video link)

The company that hosts my website just confirmed... MY IP address have been hijacked!!!
4 domains have been unplugged... It remains one:
it belongs to a portuguese company...

Stay tunned ! Link video.

February 16, 2007

Carlos Ulloa, John Grden and Ralph Hauwert: Actionscript heroes of the month February 2007

Carlos Ulloa, John Grden and Ralph Hauwert by Papervision3D !!
A high performance 3D engine for Flash 8 and Flash 9.
Features linear texture mapping, optimized for rendering speed and quality. It has been designed to be simple and easy to use.
Their blog has been added to ActionScript Hero Adventures!

The battle of Actionscript Hero.com... we are winning!

From the 4 domains stealing my content, 3 are down (bang, bang!!!). I'm waiting the 4th to surrender without conditions ;)


February 15, 2007

Comments are back!

I managed to get back the comment section on my blog! Thanks to all the people who wrote me via the feedback form.

"AJT PUBLICIDADE": remove my blog and forum from your 4 domains!

[email protected]
Av Dom Rodrigo Da Cunha 10 3B
LISBOA, 1700-141
Phone: +351218461746
Fax: +351218465220

Remove now my blog and forum from your 4 domains!:

Olá leitores.
Talvez você esteja acessando uma cópia e não realmente meu sítio.
Por favor visite https://www.actionscripthero.com





Thanks again to Christopher Wigginton!
and Daniel Allegretti!

6 milliards d'autres, 6 billion others, 6 miliardi di altri

A Yann Arthus-Bertrand project: 6000 interviews, 65 countries visited, 4500 hours of interviews filmed, 450 hours of video portraits translated and subtitled available for everybody... here. Available now in French: 6 milliards d'Autres, Italien: 6 miliardi di Altri and English: 6 billion Others. More languages to come!
To read the BNP Paribas press release click here (english - french).

Thanks to all the portuguese people who wrote to me regarding the plagiarism of Actionscript Hero.com

I'm amazed of the support that portuguese people has for ActionScript Hero.com Indeed, it seems that the company that points to my blog and forum is portuguese:





Thanks to the support !
Feedback here as my comments section is broken.

February 14, 2007

I got my website copyrighted!

Well, with all those domains stealing my content I've copyrighted my Website! :

Feedback here please.

Krugle to Power Code Search Engine for Yahoo! Developer Network

"The Yahoo! Developer Network can now take advantage of Krugle's code search engine and interface to allow developers working with Yahoo! APIs and data to find, save, and share code written in six languages: ActionScript, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Python, and Ruby."
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Adobe Flash Player Version Penetration December 2006

Flash Player 9:
December 2006
Mature Markets: 55.8%
US/Canada: 56.4%
Europe: 59.0%
Japan: 50.3%
Emerging Markets: 65.4%
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February 13, 2007

...and... another domain stealing actionscript Hero Adventures and my blog...

... so... with
there are 4 domains stealing my blog and forum contents (see my previous entries)...
This is a nightmare!
I'm copywriting my website and I'll take some measures soon...
Feedback please here as my comments are broken.

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Another domain pointing to my IP address... and the last ones stealing Actionscript Hero Adventures and my blog!! @#&¤$%£!!!

What a hell!

Feedback here.

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Flash Enabled Mobile Devices Pass 200 Million

"At the 3GSM World Congress, Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that the number of Flash® enabled devices shipping worldwide has tripled since January 2006, to reach more than 200 million. Adobe's mobile Flash technology includes Adobe® Flash Lite™, a Flash Player profile specifically developed for mobile devices, and Adobe FlashCast®, Adobe’s flexible client-server solution that delivers rich, intuitive mobile data experiences. Both technologies have seen explosive adoption worldwide over the last twelve months.

Today, more than 300 Flash enabled phones and consumer electronics devices have been manufactured, and more than 70 percent of all Flash devices now ship outside of Japan, forging new markets for Adobe, developers and content creators. In addition, FlashCast trials are under way in all major regions across the world, and with over eight million subscribers NTT DoCoMo has seen impressive growth in Japan with i-channel™, a rich news and information delivery service powered by FlashCast technology.

“Japan was the early adopter of mobile Flash technology, but today it is a worldwide phenomenon with some of the hottest mobile devices, like the LG Prada phone, relying on Flash to deliver compelling user experiences,” said Al Ramadan, senior vice president, Mobile and Device Solutions Business Unit at Adobe. “Unlike some technology companies, we’re betting on the infinite creativity of content creators and software developers and look forward to seeing how their creative vision enables millions to discover new ways to interact with news, information and entertainment.”"

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Adobe Flash Lite To Support Video for Mobile Handsets

"At the 3GSM World Congress, Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) today announced that support for video will be integrated in the next generation of Adobe® Flash Lite™ software, Adobe’s award-winning Flash® Player runtime specifically designed for mobile phones. Flash Lite 3, expected to be available in the first half of 2007, will bring the Adobe Flash Player video format from the desktop to mobile phones and devices, enabling operators, handset manufacturers and developers alike to deliver more compelling and engaging experiences to mobile users.

The release will be a landmark addition to Adobe’s family of video technologies that includes Adobe Production Studio for professional video editing, Marcomedia Flash 8 from Adobe for video encoding, and Adobe Flash Media Server for video distribution. Adobe’s Emmy award winning Flash technology is profoundly impacting the way video is distributed over the Internet. Today, television shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Friday Night Lights are being delivered online through FLV, the leading Adobe Flash Player video format, while the technology also powers the video capabilities of social networking sites such as YouTube and MySpace. "

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Viacoms MTV Networks and Adobe Showcase Mobile Applications at 3GSM

"At the 3GSM World Congress, MTV Networks, a unit of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), and Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) are previewing new mobile media applications featuring exclusive MTV Networks programming and leveraging Adobe® Flash® technology. The innovative mobile media applications, available later this year, will deliver music, comedy and entertainment content from the MTV, VH1, Logo and COMEDY CENTRAL brands directly to handsets that support Adobe FlashCast™.

The new FlashCast channels are the latest example of the ongoing alliance between Adobe and Viacom. Last summer, the two companies announced that Adobe would serve as the preferred technology provider for rich media authoring tools and interactive online video solutions for Viacom’s extensive array of television, motion picture and digital properties. In September, a number of new casual games based on such hit franchises as Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants” and MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” were published as part of the Shockwave Minis launch using Adobe Flash® Lite™ technology. Additionally, several of MTV Networks’ broadband channels - including COMEDYCENTRAL.com, MTV.com, VSPOT at VH1.com, LOADED at CMT.com, LogoOnline, and TurboNick at Nick.com - have since standardized on Flash technology to deliver streaming video."

Read more here.

Telenor Sweden and Adobe Partner to Deliver Mobile Content Services

"At the 3GSM World Congress, Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) and Telenor (Nasdaq:TELN) announced a partnership to deliver Adobe FlashCast™ in Sweden. Telenor will conduct the first trial in Europe, joining several operators across the globe now testing FlashCast, a flexible client-server solution that effectively delivers rich and engaging data experiences to mobile phones. Trial users will be able to access specific channels dedicated to weather, news, and entertainment.

Designed to solve many of the limitations of today’s mobile data services, FlashCast impacts the entire mobile ecosystem by expediting and simplifying the delivery of mobile content. It not only enables pioneering, mobile network operators like Telenor to differentiate their brands in the fiercely competitive wireless market, it also helps to establish recurring revenue streams by increasing data adoption and usage. Similarly, it enables content developers and handset manufactures to create and deliver more dynamic applications.

“FlashCast makes it easy for users to discover personalized content, from gathering news and traffic conditions to gambling or booking a round of golf,” said Michael Bergman responsible for New Business at Telenor Sweden. “This is of growing importance to our subscribers as the market for mobile content services continues to intensify.”"

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February 12, 2007

6 billion Others Newsletter subscription available!

Subscribe now to the 6 billion Others newsletter now, and follow each month the 6 billion others crew across the planet! 6000 interviews, 65 countries visited, 4500 hours of interviews filmed, 450 hours of video portraits translated and subtitled available for everybody...

You're Invited to a Mobile and Devices eSeminar: DevelopingFlash Lite Applications by 3 Flash Lite experts on 2/28

Below is the email invitation to register for an upcoming Mobile and
Devices webinar for our developer community featuring the 3 authors of
the first Flash Lite book from publisher Friends of Ed:

Dear Invitee:

This webinar will be broken into 3 parts (15 minutes a piece). It will
be presented by the 3 authors of the Friends of Ed - Flash Applications
for Mobile Development book, Weyert de Boer, Scott Janousek, and Richard

Part 1: Cool Flash Lite(tm) Wallpaper and Screen saver content - Scott
Join me as we do a quick overview on how to design, develop, and deploy
cool wallpaper and screen savers for the latest devices supporting these
Flash Lite multimedia content types. Note: We'll cover Nokia Series 40
and Series 60 devices in particular.

Part 2: Rapid Game Creation - Richard Leggett
In this part of the session we will examine creating a multi-player game
using the new XMLSocket feature of Flash Lite 2.1 development with a
simple example. This game will quiz users simultaneously head to head in
a "brain training" exercise and then let them know how their competitor
did. We will make use of Java for the backend and ActionScript 2 to
power the game logic.

Part 3: Creating your own installers for the phone - Weyert de Boer
After you have created your cool Flash Lite wallpaper, screen saver, or
game, you'll need to get it distributed to the mobile device. In this
session we will examine how to create installers for Symbian mobile
phones and for Windows Mobile/PocketPC-enabled PDAs. Learn how to create
sis and cab files as well as how to create icons on the phone's main

Please send us an e-mail .

Attend an online seminar and you'll be entered to win a copy of Flash
Professional 8 or an iriver.*

A Briefing on the Flash Lite for Application Development Book by the 3

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
3:00 P.M. EST


Adobe Flash Lite To Support Video for Mobile Handsets

"Upcoming Release of Flash Lite to Integrate Video Playback Capabilities.

BARCELONA, Spain--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At the 3GSM World Congress, Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that support for video will be integrated in the next generation of Adobe® Flash Lite™ software, Adobe’s award-winning Flash® Player runtime specifically designed for mobile phones. Flash Lite 3, expected to be available in the first half of 2007, will bring the Adobe Flash Player video format from the desktop to mobile phones and devices, enabling operators, handset manufacturers and developers alike to deliver more compelling and engaging experiences to mobile users.

The release will be a landmark addition to Adobe’s family of video technologies that includes Adobe Production Studio for professional video editing, Macromedia Flash 8 from Adobe for video encoding, and Adobe Flash Media Server for video distribution. Adobe’s Emmy award winning Flash technology is profoundly impacting the way video is distributed over the Internet. Today, television shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Friday Night Lights are being delivered online through FLV, the leading Adobe Flash Player video format, while the technology also powers the video capabilities of social networking sites such as YouTube and MySpace.

"Video support in Flash Lite will revolutionize the way users engage with mobile content and open up new revenue opportunities for developers worldwide,” said Al Ramadan, senior vice president for Mobile and Device Solutions at Adobe. "This release will allow users to view vibrant video content from popular Internet sites like YouTube or MySpace and enable developers to create new, dynamic applications across a variety of mobile and consumer electronics platforms.” "

Read more here.

about the DNS "problem" of domains pointing to Actionscript Hero.com IP address

Regarding my previous 2 entries (1,2) on domains stealing Actionscript Hero.com contents, well, I sent a couple of emails and now those domains just redirect to my home page:


I appreciate the messages that people sent to me..; in particular Christopher Wigginton for his entry and the people who commented there.
For feedback, please use the contact form as my comments doesn't works.

February 9, 2007

...another thief of actionscripthero.com !!! What is going on ?

[Update: it seems that it's another DNS "problem" !!]

another thief ... wtf !!!! ç@#$§!&!!! What is going on ?


For comments please use the contact form as my comments don't work:

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I have found a copycat (thief) of Actionscripthero.com!!!

[Update: as someone wrote to me, he pointed the whole domain to my server !
www.estibordo.com. 86304 IN A
www.actionscripthero.com. 86288 IN A]

This guy just duplicates my entire website!!! His domain: https://www.estibordo.com/ wtf?
My comments doesn't works, to reply please use the contact form:

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February 7, 2007

6 billion Others : A great website for a great project ! Take a look!

I'm proud to announce that I took part of "6 billion Others" website project! Finally, 6 billion Others is online. The project itself, created at the beginning of 2003, aims to create a sensitive and human portrait of the inhabitants of the planet: 6000 interviews, 65 countries visited, 4500 hours of interviews filmed, 450 hours of video portraits translated and subtitled available for everybody...

In French: 6 milliards d'Autres
In English: 6 billion Others
In Italien: 6 miliardi di Altri

Adobe Digital Signature Solutions Certified by SAFE-BioPharma Association

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that SAFE(Signatures and Authentication for Everyone)-BioPharma Association has certified Adobe® Acrobat® software, Adobe Reader® with Adobe LiveCycle® Reader Extensions and Adobe LiveCycle Document Security software for compliance the with the SAFE™ digital signature standard. These are the first software products ever certified by SAFE, a non-profit association that manages digital identity and signature standards for pharmaceutical industries.

With today’s announcement, legally binding digital signatures are more readily available to biopharmaceutical professionals who need help eliminating the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of paper-based processes while improving end-to-end electronic document workflows. By using the Adobe products certified by SAFE, biopharmaceutical organizations, clinical investigators and regulators can collaborate more securely and efficiently to better service patients, conduct pharmaceutical research, and help bring new drugs to market more quickly."

Read more here.

February 5, 2007

Microsoft’s ‘Flash-killer’ now supports Firefox on the Mac

"The latest Community Technology Preview (CTP) test builds of Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere (WPF/E) product went live this week. As of this build, Microsoft is supporting, for the first time, the Firefox on the Mac.

WPF/E is, in Microsoft's words, "a browser enhancement module that enables browsers to render rich content in addition to HTML." Microsoft officials have said that WPF/E will support IE 6.0, 7.0, Firefox and 2.0+, and Apple's Safari, among other browsers. "

Read more here.

January 29, 2007

Adobe to Release PDF for Industry Standardization

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that it intends to release the full Portable Document Format (PDF) 1.7 specification to AIIM, the Enterprise Content Management Association, for the purpose of publication by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

PDF has become a de facto global standard for more secure and dependable information exchange since Adobe published the complete PDF specification in 1993. Both government and private industry have come to rely on PDF for the volumes of electronic records that need to be more securely and reliably shared, managed, and in some cases preserved for generations. Since 1995 Adobe has participated in various working groups that develop technical specifications for publication by ISO and worked within the ISO process to deliver specialized subsets of PDF as standards for specific industries and functions. Today, PDF for Archive (PDF/A) and PDF for Exchange (PDF/X) are ISO standards, and PDF for Engineering (PDF/E) and PDF for Universal Access (PDF/UA) are proposed standards. Additionally, PDF for Healthcare (PDF/H) is an AIIM proposed Best Practice Guide. AIIM serves as the administrator for PDF/A, PDF/E, PDF/UA and PDF/H."

Read more here.

Adobe Debuts Photoshop Lightroom 1.0

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that Adobe Photoshop® Lightroom™ 1.0 software is now available for pre-order and is expected to ship in mid-February 2007. Photoshop Lightroom enables professional photographers to import, manage and present large volumes of digital photographs, helping photographers spend more time behind the lens and less time at the computer. With more than 500,000 photographers participating in the public beta program over the last 12 months, Photoshop Lightroom now includes a wealth of innovative features that streamline digital photography workflows. Recognizing the photography community for their efforts, Adobe is offering Photoshop Lightroom at a special introductory price of US $199 through April 30, 2007 at the Adobe Store. Photoshop Lightroom will later sell for an estimated street price of US $299.

“It’s an unlikely scenario that professional photographers would moonlight as software developers,” said John Loiacono, senior vice president, Creative Solutions Business Unit at Adobe. “Fortunately for us, they were willing to give it a shot. Everything, from image viewing and evaluation tools to timesaving editing features, was developed with the help of photographers. This was truly a collaborative effort and we extend our thanks to everyone who provided invaluable feedback to help us deliver a powerhouse professional photography tool.”"

Read more here.

January 24, 2007

Adobe Delivers Updated CAD Translators for Acrobat 3D Software

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate availability of a free download for Adobe® Acrobat® 3D software that delivers updated 3D computer-aided design (CAD) translators. As a result, Acrobat 3D now supports many of the latest versions of major CAD file formats, enabling users to easily convert 3D models from those formats to more secure and widely adopted PDF—regardless of whether they have CAD software. The updated translators leverage technology Adobe gained as part of its April 2006 acquisition of privately held Trade & Technologies France (TTF), a company whose technology is used by many leading CAD, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) developers.

“Acrobat 3D and PDF continue to gain significant momentum in the manufacturing and architecture, engineering and construction industries, as well as praise from customers and influencers who see the technology as a means for addressing long-standing communication and collaboration issues by leveraging a ubiquitous, trusted file format,” said Tom Hale, senior vice president, Knowledge Worker Business Unit at Adobe. “Our acquisition of TTF was another example of Adobe’s commitment to this market and to continually build on the fundamental strengths of Acrobat 3D and PDF. Along with a highly accurate, compact file format that will be part of the forthcoming Acrobat 3D Version 8, TTF provided us with the expertise and technology to quickly respond to the rapidly evolving CAD landscape.”"

Read more here.

January 18, 2007

Ars Technica, BetaNews.Com and CNET News.com on "Adobe ships Flash player for Linux"

Some links about this release at Ars Technica, BetaNews.Com and CNET News.com

January 17, 2007

Flex wins InfoWorld's 2007 Technology of the Year Award for Best Rich Internet Application Platform

"Adobe Flex 2.0 constitutes a big leap forward for this RIA platform, thanks to a new Eclipse-based IDE for drag-and-drop layout and code management, and a separate data services application for server-side messaging and data integration. Easy connections for Web services and Java objects bolster this very good choice for enterprise RIA scenarios."
Read more here.

Adobe Delivers Flash Player 9 for Linux

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the availability of Adobe® Flash® Player 9 for Linux, the next-generation client runtime for engaging with Flash content and applications on Linux open source operating systems. Adobe Flash Player 9 delivers a consistent cross-platform experience and extends unprecedented performance and advanced features to the broadest set of developers and users to date. Additionally, Linux developers can create, test and deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs) on the Linux platform using the free Adobe Flex® 2 Software Developers Kit (SDK), Adobe Flash Player 9 and the free Flex Data Services 2 Express.

Installed on over 700 million Internet-connected PCs and mobile devices worldwide, Adobe Flash Player engages people across a wide array of different channels, enabling collaboration and delivering richer, more interactive experiences that work consistently across multiple platforms."

Read more here.

January 16, 2007

Adobe Releases Major Upgrade to RoboHelp

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe® RoboHelp® 6, a complete, flexible and user-friendly system to create, manage and publish software help systems, knowledge bases and documentation for desktop and Web-based applications. As a key element of Adobe’s technical communications product line-up, which includes Adobe FrameMaker®, Adobe Captivate™ and Adobe Acrobat®, RoboHelp 6 provides all the desktop functionality that authors need to create advanced Help content, including table of contents, index, glossary, graphics, special effects and context-sensitive Help. Adobe RoboHelp Server 6, also introduced today, provides powerful server features that ensure the delivery of up-to-date online content, with real-time tracking of how end-users engage with the help system that provides valuable feedback to Help publishers.

“Adobe RoboHelp 6 is a major release and a key milestone in the product’s 15-year history,” said Don Walker, senior director of product marketing and business development at Adobe. “RoboHelp 6 strongly reinforces Adobe’s commitment to the technical communications market, giving authors what they need to easily develop, manage and maintain intuitive software help systems and knowledge bases.”"

Read more here.

January 15, 2007

Adobe Announces Commercial Availability of Acrobat Connect Web-Hosted Service

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate commercial availability of Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™, the first hosted web conferencing service to offer “always-on” personal meeting rooms. Acrobat Connect enables knowledge workers to instantly meet and conduct business online through real-time, interactive web conferencing that is simple to access and easy to use.

“The feedback from users during our Acrobat Connect trial the past few months has been overwhelmingly positive. It has reinforced our belief that the product stands apart from traditional web conferencing solutions in terms of ease-of-use, elegance, and the instant access it provides anyone with an Adobe Flash enabled browser,” said Tom Hale, senior vice president, Knowledge Worker Business Unit at Adobe. “Now that we’re delivering the hosted service at an extremely approachable price, we expect knowledge workers to begin making Acrobat Connect personal meeting rooms as much a part of their daily work as email and the phone.”"

Read more here.

January 10, 2007

Adobe listed as #4 for top paying companies [Via Mike Lyda @ oddhammer.com]

with average salary of $161,127.

"There's probably a connection between "best places to work" and places that pay well and give good benefits." [Comment from Mike Lyda @ oddhammer.com]

Ars at Macworld: Adobe (Ars Technica)

"The Adobe booth seemed a bit farther from the Apple Pavilion, and maybe a little smaller, but that might have been because it was just packed. A profusion of product kiosks fought for space and attention—kind of like Adobe since the merger with Macromedia. Knowledgeable employees with the collective patience of Job endlessly repeated the layer-as-sheet-of-transparency metaphor to people who should never have been let out of iPhoto for image editing. Amidst the chaos, there were a few answers to be found to some questions, but not the one about who chooses such odd icons for products."
Read more here.

January 9, 2007

Adobe Ships Flex Builder for Macintosh Platform

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the delivery of Adobe® Flex™ Builder™ 2 for Macintosh, an extension of its powerful toolset for designing and deploying a new class of rich Internet applications. The release of Flex Builder 2 for the Macintosh helps developers and designers build engaging Web applications that combine the benefits of desktop software with the reach of the Web.

“The response to Flex Builder from the Mac developer community has been overwhelming and positive,” said Jeff Whatcott, vice president marketing and business development for Adobe’s Enterprise and Developer Business Unit. “More and more, the Web is about experiences. With Flex Builder for the Mac more exciting and more engaging experiences will be in reach for greater numbers of people, regardless of their development platform.”"

Read more here.

Adobe Named to FORTUNE’s List of “100 Best Companies to Work For”

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today was named to FORTUNE magazine’s annual list of “100 Best Companies to Work For.” Adobe ranked No. 31 overall. In FORTUNE’s subcategory of medium-sized companies (those with 2,500 to10,000 U.S. employees), Adobe ranked No. 12. This marks the eighth time Adobe has been included on FORTUNE’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list. Survey rankings are currently available at www.fortune.com and will be featured in FORTUNE’s Jan. 22, 2007, print issue.

“Adobe has an established track record as one of the world’s best places to work, and we are honored to be named again to this prestigious list,” said Bruce Chizen, Adobe’s chief executive officer. “We’re especially pleased to have achieved this honor after the December 2005 purchase of Macromedia, Inc., the largest acquisition in Adobe’s history. Our employees’ enthusiasm and commitment to excellence are major contributors to Adobe’s success - and make the company a place where people want to build their careers.” "

Read more here.

January 8, 2007

Adobe and VeriSign to Transform Distribution of Rich Media Online

"VeriSign, Inc., (NASDAQ: VRSN) and Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: ADBE), today announced their intent to collaborate on integrating Adobe® Flash® technologies with VeriSign’s peer assisted content distribution technology, setting a new standard in the delivery of high-quality video content. Both companies plan to integrate existing products and services and jointly develop new technologies that help media and entertainment companies bring content online. The first phase of the expected collaboration consists of VeriSign incorporating Adobe Flash Media Server 2 into its new globally deployed Intelligent Content Delivery Network (CDN), enabling publishers to deliver high fidelity video on-demand and MP3 audio streaming services across a high-performance, more secure and reliable CDN."
Read more here.

Ajax is squeezed as Adobe builds up rival Flex toolset: ComputerWeekly.com

"Forrester Research is predicting a shake-up in the market for rich internet application development tools as Ajax battles with Adobe’s rival Flex toolset.

The analyst company said the explosion of proprietary Ajax frameworks is threatening to overwhelm the benefits of openness, standard languages and performance that Ajax offers. At the same time, Forrester said Adobe has been working to integrate its own technology into the open source Firefox web browser.

Forrester warned that there were dozens of popular Ajax frameworks, which meant that software architects needed to validate that the framework they planned to use supported corporate standards for security, accessibility, service integration, and data access."

Read more here.

January 4, 2007

Flash: The Next Open Source Debate?: InfoQ.com

"With Java open sourced and Microsoft unlikely to start open sourcing their software stack anytime soon, Flash stands and one of the most widely used technologies driving the internet which is not open source. Duane Nickull has written a starting point for the debate. In summary he asks what does open flash mean to developers. In Nickull's experience open means:

* No lock in
* Integration
* Leveraging existing skills
* Ability to fix bugs/issues without depending on a vendor."

Read more here.

Get ready to see more applications online: The Guardian

"[...]At the moment, Adobe Flash is the leading challenger. Although Flash is closely identified with showing YouTube videos and annoyingly obtrusive online advertisements, it now has its own powerful scripting language, ActionScript, and its own RIA development system, Flex. There's also an open alternative to proprietary Flash - OpenLaszlo (openlaszlo.org), which has been used by Yahoo! and, for example, the Pandora online music service."

Adobe Production Studio To Be Available for Both Mac and Windows

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that the next version of Adobe® Production Studio, the integrated video and audio post-production tool set that is part of the Creative Suite family, will be available for both the Macintosh and Windows® platforms. Film, video and web professionals currently using Adobe After Effects®, Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Illustrator® on the Mac will soon be able to harness the power of completely new Macintosh releases of Adobe Premiere® Pro, Adobe Encore® DVD and Adobe Soundbooth™ -- all key components of an upcoming milestone revision to Adobe Production Studio. The software will have its first public demonstration during the Macworld 2007 Conference and Exhibition at The Moscone Center in San Francisco, January 9 - 12 (Booth 901). The next release of Adobe Production Studio is expected to ship in mid-2007."
Read more here.

January 2, 2007

Adobe Appoints Former Borland Exec to Senior VP of Worldwide Field Operations

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) today announced the appointment of Matthew Thompson as senior vice president of worldwide field operations. Thompson previously served as senior vice president of worldwide operations at Borland Software, a leading provider of application lifecycle management software. Thompson joined Adobe on Jan. 1 and will oversee the company's global sales organization and all customer-facing functions, including sales, field marketing, go-to-market partners, customer care and Adobe Consulting. He will lead the company's efforts to capitalize on long-term growth opportunities and align its operations with key customer segments."
Read more here.

December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays from aSH

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 23, 2006

Photoshop CS3 tips and tutorials: Macworld

"While we’ve been busy at Macworld this past week, playing with and testing the Photoshop CS3 beta, there’s also been a lot of activity elsewhere on the Web. Here are a few of the better tips and tutorials that we have seen:"
Read more here.

December 22, 2006

Adobe goes interplanetary in document viewer war: Ars Technica

"With Windows Vista set for consumer release next month, millions of desktops will soon come with support for Microsoft's new XML-based XPS document exchange format built in. In an effort to preempt this move, Adobe is now testing a set of XML extensions to its own PDF document format. The new format, called "Mars," is supported by a plugin that works with existing copies of Adobe Acrobat 8 (both the professional document creation versions and the free Reader)."
Read more here.

Rediscovering inherent worth of desktop apps: Infoworld

"Best of the blogs: Adobe's Apollo project, which will enable apps known as 'gadgets' to be installed on the desktop, is stirring quite a buzz. Bloggers are "talking about Apollo as if this was some revolutionary idea, a program that runs locally," Ephraim Schwartz jests in Reality Check. "The technorati are quite excited about Apollo's ability to create Rich Internet Applications for the desktop. Isn't that what SaaS is all about?""
Read more here.

December 20, 2006

Adobe's Apollo rediscovers the value of desktop apps: Infoworld

""The buzz among the technorati is all about Adobe's forthcoming Apollo project.

Apollo will enable Web applications, sometimes known as gadgets, to be installed on the desktop.

According to a podcast Michael Arrington did with Kevin Lynch,Adobe's chief software architect, on TalkCrunch, Apollo can help a user "do things that previously had been limiting in a browser," Lynch said.

Lynch goes on to explain that a desktop application gives you access to great local storage, and, most startling of all, it will run regardless of whether or not you have any Internet connection.

With an icon on your desktop for notifications it even allows for a "closer relationship with your users," said Lynch.

Read more here.

First look: Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta: TG Daily

"Adobe has released a beta version of the next version of its image editing software Photoshop. We've had some time to play with the software and are quite certain that it is one of the most significant updates in Photoshop history."
Read more here.

December 19, 2006

Is Vista Ready for You?: Microsoft Watch

"If you have used Windows Vista "gold" code, we'd like to hear what you think."
Read more here.

December 18, 2006

First Look: Photoshop CS 3: Wired

"Adobe's Photoshop Creative Suite 3 is the first version of Photoshop to run natively on Intel Macs -- a development warmly welcomed by users of the new Apple hardware.

Here's a sneak peak at the beta version that looks at the application's new features, some interface enhancements, and its improved ease of use."

Read more here.

December 17, 2006

Talking Linux IP with Bill Gates: Niall Kennedy

" If you could ask Bill Gates one question, what would you ask? I spent an hour today with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on the company's Redmond campus. I chose to ask Bill about Microsoft's intellectual property stance against Linux and its open source developers, from the SCO Group's litigation against IBM to Steve Ballmer's recent claim Linux infringes on Microsoft patents after signing a patent indemnity with Novell."
Read more here.

25 Killer Apps of All Time: eweek

"Microsoft's Vista has widely inspired the "Why do I need that?" question, which past "killer applications" have answered in different ways for different platforms during three decades of personal computing."
Read more here.

Adobe Systems "outperform," target price raised: Newratings

"December 16 (newratings.com) - In a research note published yesterday, analysts at RBC Capital Markets reiterate their "outperform" rating on Adobe Systems (ADBE.NAS). The target price has been raised from $43 to $47." Read more here.

December 15, 2006

Adobe Systems Q4 Earnings Rise On Strong Revenues - Stock To Watch: Trading Markets

"Adobe Systems Inc. (ADBE | charts | news | PowerRating) reported fourth quarter EPS of $0.33 Thursday after bell, matching the consensus EPS estimates. The company achieved revenue of $682.2 million, compared to $510.4 million reported for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2005. Analysts expected revenues of $670.76 million.

For the first quarter of fiscal 2007, Adobe announced it is targeting revenue of $640 million to $670 million. The company is targeting earnings per share of approximately $0.28 to $0.30. Analysts expect EPS of $.31 on revenues of $651.95 million. "

Read more here.

Adobe Releases Beta Version of Photoshop CS3

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) will introduce a beta version of Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 software, the next release of the world standard in digital imaging, on Friday, December 15th. Adobe is delivering a widely available Photoshop CS3 beta to enable customers to more easily transition to the latest hardware platforms, particularly Apple’s new Intel-based systems. The beta is available as a Universal Binary for the Macintosh platform, as well as for Microsoft® Windows® XP and Windows Vista computers. The final shipping release of Adobe Photoshop CS3 is planned for Spring 2007. The software can be downloaded at: https://www.labs.adobe.com , in the early hours Pacific Standard Time on December 15."
Read more here.

Adobe Reports Record Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2006 Revenue

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today reported financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended December 1, 2006. The Company’s results reflect the acquisition of Macromedia in December 2005, and are compared to pre-acquisition results of prior fiscal periods as applicable.

In the fourth quarter of fiscal 2006, Adobe achieved record revenue of $682.2 million, compared to $510.4 million reported for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2005 and $602.2 million reported in the third quarter of fiscal 2006. On a year-over-year basis, this represents 34 percent revenue growth. Adobe’s fourth quarter revenue target range was $655 to $685 million."

Read more here.

December 13, 2006

Great job opportunity!

An exciting new start-up, with major funding from Europe's premier venture capital firm, seeks talented developers to join its young, energetic team.

Must be the best at what you do. Must be interested in helping to create the next big thing on the web . Must be interested in making some serious money.

Only enterprising, self-starters need apply.

Contact name : Stefan surzycki

December 12, 2006

Adobe's US qtr sales up 23 pct sequentially-NPD: Reuters

"BOSTON, Dec 12 (Reuters) - Adobe Systems Inc.'s (ADBE.O: Quote, Profile , Research) U.S. sales climbed 22.5 percent in the three months ending Nov. 30, compared with the fiscal quarter ending Aug. 31, an analyst with market researcher NPD said on Tuesday.

U.S. sales of Photoshop, Acrobat and other Adobe software to retailers and system integrators climbed to $157 million in the November quarter, from $128 million in the last fiscal quarter, Chris Swenson, director of software industry analysis for NPD, said in an interview.

The sales figures were released to NPD's paying clients last week, he said."

Read more here.

Adobe Systems "buy," target price raised: newratings.com

"Analysts at Kaufman Bros reiterate their "buy" rating on Adobe Systems (ADBE.NAS). The target price has been raised from $40 to $45."
Read more here.

Adobe goes to Mars: Microsoft Watch

"NASA may be talking about a moon base in the 2020s, but Adobe has its sights set sooner on Mars."
Read more here.

How Publishers Drive Innovation By Pushing For Adobe's Latest Player: MediaPost Publications

"CHRISTMAS (OR TAKE YOUR PICK of any other seasonal holiday) came early this year for rich-media companies and advertising agencies when MySpace, Yahoo and YouTube were among the publishers that pushed user-required Flash 8, enabling penetration rates to reach nearly 90 percent in less than 12 months. But the real surprise was when Adobe Media released the Flash 9 player in July, just a little over a year after the company acquired Macromedia. As users updated their Flash players, they were upgraded to Flash 9, getting two, as opposed to the usual one, versions ahead. This marks the first time Adobe released a plug-in so soon before the development environment was to be released (slated for spring 2007, reportedly) which will lead to significantly higher--and faster-- adoption rates, already at 40 percent."
Read more here.

Adobe Systems gains ahead of 4Q report: BusinessWeek


Shares of Adobe Systems Inc. gained Monday as investors anticipated the company's fourth-quarter results and took an optimistic view awaiting its 2007 outlook.

Shares added $1.11, or 2.9 percent, to $39.99 in late afternoon trading after trading as high as $40.34 earlier in the Nasdaq session.

Adobe shares have changed hands in a range of $25.98 to $42.75 in the past year.

Read more here.

December 11, 2006

Microsoft Makes a Basic Mistake with Office 2007: OSNews

""Microsoft Office isn't among the apps that will run natively on Intel-based Macs - and it won't be until the latter half of 2007, according to media reports. But when it does ship, Office will apparently be missing a feature so vital to cross-platform compatibility that I believe it will be the beginning of the end for the Mac version of the productivity suite.""
Read more here.

Adobe to release public beta of Creative Suite?: Ars Technica

"The signs are there, if you look for them, or if you simply believe what you want. Having announced that the next iteration of Creative Suite would not be released until the second quarter of 2007, Adobe has been talking up their flagship product and the company's continued support for the Mac. Adobe 8 Acrobat Professional was released in early November and, while not a part of CS, could be considered as a related application for professionals. Also, remember that Adobe—what the hell does it have to do with—Photoshop Lightroom was made available as a beta. Now, AppleInsider is reporting a rumor that could also be logical extrapolation."
Read more here.

Ahead of the Bell: Adobe Systems: BusinessWeek

"Wall Street underestimates Adobe Systems Inc.'s 2007 earnings, an analyst said Monday, as a survey indicates most of the users of the software maker's creative software package plan to upgrade next year."
Read more here.

Inside Microsoft's Labs: InformationWeek

" It's not every day that Microsoft Research opens up about technologies still in its labs. Here's a look at some things in the security pipeline, from a tool that helps find rootkits to a program that notifies of lost e-mails. "
Read more here. Via Slashdot

A look at Ubuntu "Feisty Fawn" 7.04 beta: ZDNet

"Adrian Kingsley-Hughes takes Ubuntu's latest distro for a spin and finds installation was a snap, but there were crashes and problems almost immediately. See Ubuntu slideshow."
Read more here.

Why Do Computers Take So Long to Boot Up?: Slashdot

"An anonymous reader writes "Computers take too long to boot up, and it doesn't make sense to me. Mine takes around 30 seconds; it is double or triple that for some of my friends' computers that I have used. Why can't a computer turn on and off in an instant just like a TV?"
Read more here.

Ars Technica 2006 holiday gift guide

"It's that most wonderful time of the year

We're deep into the annual, holiday-inspired consumer purchasing frenzy wherein we all go frantically searching for that perfect gift for friends and loved ones. Sometimes it's easy to find that perfect something for that perfect someone; other times it can also be an exercise in frustration, to say the least.

That's where the Ars Gift Guide comes in."

Read more here.

December 10, 2006

Ubuntu, King of Distros for 2006: OSNews

"According to Google Trends, but also according to Distrowatch, our own statistics here at OSNews and overall sense of the industry during 2006, Ubuntu has a big leap in mind share ahead of its competition (please note that we don't dare to say "market share", although we are pretty confident that it's the most used Linux desktop out there today). The second Fedora has a very small edge ahead of SuSe (while in US is a clear second), while Debian is following fourth. "
Read more here.

Bellwethers Apple, Adobe lead tech-sector gains: MarketWatch

"SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Technology stocks put in a largely upbeat performance Friday, with gains from bellwethers such as Apple Computer Inc., Adobe Systems Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. leading the sectors to close the week with gains.[...] Adobe is scheduled to deliver its fourth-quarter results on Dec. 14. Analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call estimate the publishing-software company will earn 33 cents a share on $670 million in sales, up form 30 cents a share and revenue of $510 million a year ago."
Read more here.

December 9, 2006

Happy Birthday to The Definitive List !

Today The Definitive List celebrates one year old !

December 6, 2006

Asian Developers Embrace Adobe’s Flash, Eclipse, and Wireless Development, Latest Evans Data Report Shows: Businesswire.com

"SANTA CRUZ, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Two-thirds of Asian developers either use or are planning to use Adobe’s Flash according to Evans Data’s recently released Asia Pacific Development Survey. Usage in Asia is twice that of North America or Europe. Forty percent of APAC developers use Flash and another 27% plan to adopt it in the near future. In addition, even though Eclipse adoption has almost doubled in the last six months, over 30% of Asian developers use Macromedia Studio 8, further establishing Adobe’s beachhead in this fast growing development arena.

This in-depth bi-annual study also showed that Asian developers are far more focused on writing applications for mobility than are North American developers. Thirty-five percent of APAC developers are currently developing software for mobile devices, and of this 45% is rich client–based. "

Read more here.

Adobe Announces Availability of Adobe Reader 8

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that Adobe® Reader® 8 software is available as a free download. Adobe Reader 8 enables trusted information exchange between enterprises, government agencies, constituents and consumers who view, print, search, digitally sign and collaborate with PDF files. Adobe Reader 8 also features a new “Start Meeting” button that launches Adobe Acrobat® Connect™ (see separate press release issued today), an Adobe-hosted software service that provides real-time online collaboration through Adobe Flash® Player."
Read more here.

Adobe Delivers Acrobat Connect Product Line for Instantaneous Web Conferencing

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate availability of the Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ software product line for communicating and collaborating instantly through real-time, interactive web conferencing. With Adobe Acrobat Connect and Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional, Adobe is transforming the way knowledge workers meet and conduct business online with “always-on” personal meeting rooms."
Read more here.

Adobe Headquarters Awarded Highest Honors from U.S. Green Building Council

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-Existing Building (LEED®) Platinum certifications for Adobe’s East and Almaden headquarters towers in downtown San Jose, distinguishing Adobe as the world’s first commercial enterprise to achieve a total of three Platinum certifications under the LEED program. Adobe’s West Tower was awarded Platinum certification in July 2006. Last night, during a reception recognizing Adobe’s certification of the West Tower, USGBC President and CEO Rick Fedrizzi announced the additional certifications."
Read more here.

Adobe gives a boost to freelance photographers: Freelanceuk.com

"Adobe has extended its commitment to real-world photography by unveiling a set of new codes that lets more freelancers than ever before connect to its directory.

The move, announced yesterday, comes after “several months of chasing” by the NUJ’s Freelance organisers, who can now connect their members to the firm’s online database."

Read more here.

Adobe headquarters receives `green' honor: The Mercury News

"Adobe Systems, a pioneer in desktop publishing software, has cemented its status as a pioneer in green building.

On Monday, the San Jose software company became the first in the country to receive never-before-awarded three platinum certifications for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) -- the highest rating awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Most eco-friendly structures are built ``green,'' but Adobe decided to turn its three existing towers downtown -- ranging in age from three years to 10 years and totaling almost 1 million square feet of offices and 940,000 square feet of garage space -- into an environmentally friendly campus."

Read more here.

Microsoft Targets Adobe: Webpronews.com

" Adobe's John Dowdell has the best question (and best set of links) about Microsoft's new "Blend:" why do it and not support Flash?

Because of what Blend lets Microsoft do: get Macromedia stuff out of the Windows development process.

Huh? "

Read more here.

December 5, 2006

Microsoft Takes On Adobe with Expression Studio: Newsfactor.com

"With the release of its first suite of Web and graphic design software expected to be delivered at some point in the upcoming months, Microsoft is gearing up to go head-to-head with graphics leader Adobe Systems."
Read more here.

Microsoft's designs on Adobe's turf: CNet

"update Microsoft is building a suite of products for Web designers and creative professionals that should step up its challenge to market leader Adobe Systems.

As a start, the company on Monday released Expression Web, a tool for designing user interfaces. It is offering the product as an upgrade to its Microsoft FrontPage Web authoring tool.

In addition, Microsoft posted a public beta download of Expression Blend, its Windows-specific design software. And in the third related announcement, it delivered an early version of Expression Design, a tool for creating logos, animations and other individual visual elements." Read more here.

Novell to support Microsoft's Office Open XML format: Ars Technica

"Microsoft and Novell have announced that Novell will be providing support for the Office Open XML format—the default file format for Microsoft Office 2007—in its Novell-branded version of the open-source OpenOffice.org productivity suite. Novell will release a translator that will provide support for Microsoft Word by the end of January 2007, with translators for Excel and PowerPoint to follow.

The translators will be bidirectional: OpenOffice.org users will be able to read from and save to Office Open XML documents. At first, the translators will be made available as plug-ins for Novell's branded OpenOffice.org, but the Linux vendor says it will release the source code and submit it for inclusion in the OpenOffice.org product."

Read more here.

Ten things to consider before taking the Vista plunge: CNet

"While Windows Vista is now available for big businesses, organizations vary widely in their plans for adopting the new operating system.

Some have plans to aggressively move to Vista, while others are taking a far more wait-and-see approach. Here are some things you need to consider before taking the plunge. "

Read more here.

Microsoft Eyeing Adobe Territory?: Techtree.com

"Microsoft has reportedly started shipping the Expression Web, the first product from the Expression Studio suite, aimed at capturing the design software market presently dominated by Adobe.

Expression Web can be used by Web developers to build sites in compliance with various industry standards, including XHTML and CSS, and for compatibility with specific browsers.

Along with this, Microsoft has also announced pricing and availability of its Expression Studio line-up for creative professionals.

Expression Studio suite is regarded as a key component in Microsoft's strategy for improving the user experience delivered by applications, and provides designers with an end-to-end tools platform that boosts collaboration with developers in the delivery of next-generation user experiences for the Web, Windows Vista applications, and beyond."

Read more here.

December 4, 2006

Exciting new Adobe Photoshop CS3 for mac in Q2 2007: Ars Technica

"According to new reports from ThinkSecret, Adobe Photoshop CS3 is not only due out in the second quarter of 2007, it's also a darned exciting release. Those of us with Intel Macs and not enough RAM have been waiting for CS3 and its native support for Intel chips with bated breath. But Adobe is also claiming improved performance for PPC-based Macs, so there's something in the release for everyone."
Read more here.

Review: Can Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional Compete In Workflow Space?: CRN

" Adobe Acrobat 8 Profes-sional is moving headlong into the workflow space with its new form editing features.

Acrobat 8 now supports form saves and digital signatures for Reader extensions, with capabilities that allow users to save forms on local hard drives without a LiveCycle plug-in.

The new saving feature eliminates the need to print PDF forms or e-mail forms immediately after filling them. As forms are distributed via e-mail, new workflow capabilities automatically merge results into a PDF package file. "

Read more here.

December 3, 2006

Windows Vista and XP Head To Head: Slashdot

"thefickler sends in an article comparing Windows Vista and Windows XP in the areas of security, home entertainment, GUI, parental controls, and networking. The author clearly believes that Vista wins across these categories."
Read more here.

December 2, 2006

A survey of Linux PDF viewers: Linux.com

"Portable Document Format, designed in the early 1990s by Adobe Systems, is slowly replacing PostScript as the preferred format for saving and viewing generic documents. Early on, only Adobe supplied programs that enabled users to view PDF files. But since the format's specification is open, Adobe Reader (formerly "Adobe Acrobat Reader") is now only one among an increasing set of PDF viewers. Here's a guide to the best alternatives for Linux users."
Read more here.

December 1, 2006

Stop Worrying About Copyrights: Forbes

"Bill McCoy, general manager of e-publishing at Adobe (nasdaq: ADBE - news - people ) agrees: “If publishers don’t make their premium content available digitally, people will pirate it.”"
Read more here.

Microsoft Vista released for sale: BBC

"Microsoft has started the roll-out of its new operating system, Windows Vista, which at first is being made available to business customers only." Read full article here.

Adobe warns of Reader, Acrobat vulnerabilities: Ars

"Adobe released a security advisory today warning that recently found vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader and Acrobat could allow a hacker to compromise a susceptible system.

According to the advisory, an attacker could use the vulnerabilities to crash the application and then take control of the system. Affected software includes the Windows versions of Adobe Reader 7.0.0 through 7.0.8 and Adobe Acrobat Standard and Professional 7.0.0 through 7.0.8. The attack would be initiated through ActiveX control used by Internet Explorer to display PDF documents. "

Read more here.

What I learned at the Microsoft Vista business launch: ZDNet

"Were there any surprises left for Microsoft's business launch of Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 on November 30? Surprisingly, there were a few."
Read more here.

Vista Hackers Get Busy: Slashdot

""Microsoft's long-awaited Windows Vista release Thursday for business customers will get more than just the passing attention of network administrators. That's because hackers will be eagerly waiting to do what hackers do best: start some mischief.""
Read more here.

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