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August 1, 2003

LoaderClass by R. Bokel and C. Moock

Don't miss this excellent LoaderClass() by Ralf Bokelberg and Colin Moock.
As Colin Moock, the author of Actionscript - The Definitive Guide stated lately: Preloading still is a major problem for a lot of flashers. The different interfaces to the different filetypes (SWF, XML, Text, Sound), the asynchronous behaviour of the loading process and the uncomplete errorhandling alltogether make preloading really hard to handle. This is why Colin started a petition and proposed a new interface for preloading.
The LoaderClass is based on Colin's interface proposal. Some changes and additions had to be made, because of practical implications.
The loader class documentation is here:
Don't forget to donate if you fnd the class useful.

aSH loader class selection

Hopefuly I'll launch my site soon!!

For my flash console, I decided to work with the Loader built by Bokel who turned Moock's MovieClipLoader-Interface into an universal Loader interface.
In his words:
The new class is able to load and show the loading progress of Sound, XML, LoadVars and MovieClips.

It is true, this is the continuation of my last post. I recomended this class.
In helpQLODhelp you can download the class and one example, here the permalink. For the download, there is a problem with some html tags, so if you find a 404 error edit the link in your browser the current LoaderClass is available at https://www.helpqlodhelp.com/stuff/loaderclass/loaderclass1.01.zip or at the left hand side of https://www.helpqlodhelp.com/blog
Please donate to this guys if you find useful their work.

Flashnewbie list etiquette

"Each email is a request for the time of other people..." from flashcoders list etiquette.
Read my last post in the Flashnewbie list about the list etiquette.

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August 3, 2003

LoadClass v1.01, dynColortween Mx v1.01 and bouncy menu system

For my fl_aSH console, I'm working with Bokel's LoadClass v1.01, Tatsuo Kato's dynColorTween Mx v1.01 and a bouncy menu system built by Peter Amisano from PB&J; Solutions, who got inspired by lookandfeel.com.

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August 4, 2003

Getting started with XML and Flash

If you need selected articles, tutorials and resources to learn how to use XML with Flash, this article 'XML and Macromedia Flash from start to finish" writed by Mike Chambers is what you need.
So you want to create dynamic Macromedia Flash content, and everyone is telling you to use XML with Flash. But you know nothing about XML, and have no idea where to start.

August 5, 2003

Samuel Wan's Fisheye Menu and Muzak's XML news headlines

Fisheye menus are preferred by many users (not all). There are recommended for optional use where selection from a long list is required.

[quote]"Users [study] preferred the fisheye menus for browsing tasks, and hierarchical menus for goal-directed tasks."[/quote] (Benjamin Bederson)
[quote]"fisheye views have a strong advantage in browsing scenarios, but scrollers have a slight advantage during goal-directed tasks (when user knows exactly what he/she's looking for)"[/quote] (Samuel Wan)

Fish eyes menus
By by Benjamin B. Bederson, Computer Science Department,
University of Maryland
Click here
Fisheye menu v.1.01
Fisheye Menu Usability:
Fisheye Menu in Flash MX:
Fisheye Menu 1.01 Patch:
/*Fisheye Menu in Flash MX, by Samuel Wan. May 2002
For overview and research citations, refer to Actionscript comments in first keyframe.*/
XML news headlines
/*XML news headlines by Muzak. For overview, refer to Actionscript comments in first keyframe.*/

August 8, 2003

Bokel released LoaderClass 1.02

[Update August 12, 2003]
Thread in Chattyfig on "Bokel's Preloader Class - Revisited"
Thread in Chattyfig on "Bokel's Preloader Class - Queue Management?"
Thread in Chattyfig on "Bokel's Preloader Class - "onLoadProgress" callback function"
Thread (december 2002) in Chattyfig on "Is Bokel's onLoad method applicable with onData?"

[update August 9, 2003]
More information :
Flashcoders: Thread in Chattyfig on "Bokel's Preloader Class".
There is also a good explanation about class creation by [email protected]
Joen Weidemann post in Chattyfig on "Yet Another Preloader Question":
I cannot imagine anything simpler and more effective than Bokel's preloaderClass. It really works. It's already written. You only
need to add [...]

As you can remember, the Bokel's LoaderClass was my final selection. Now, Bokel released LoaderClass 1.02. This guy is serious. Really. Please read the release and don't forget to donate if you find his work useful!

Flash-enabled desktop wallpaper

Now we have SWF desktop for Macintosh. Many people have seen this software of ScreenTime Media at last month's FlashForward 2003 conference.
The windows demo version (one week) is available for download at:
As Peter Cohen wrote in MacWorld:
The software enables content producers to develop wallpaper that can deliver updateable content, including images, animation, news, calendars, Web links, Web-based applications and games -- directly to the desktops of users who have installed the software. Anything that can be done in Flash in a Web browser can be incorporated into wallpaper, according to the developer.

Did you say "level"?

Yes! And layers, depths, loadMovie, loadMovieNum, _root, _level0, preload and park...! Take a look at this references and say "level" like me. ::Trying to answer 8 questions in one post ;)::

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August 9, 2003

aSH's banners and random pictures

I was looking for some action in Bokel's website and I found this amusement. Very simple. Just providing my photographs in a movieobject one in each frame and then selecting a random frame/picture. Old news but I'm just *so* #@$% photogenic... ahem
Source here.
(Reload adventure to see Math.floor and Math.random in action)

August 12, 2003

MM testing strategies, troubleshooting, quick tips and tricks for Flash

Do you follow guidelines throughout your Flash authoring process? Do you have a productive strategy? Do you have an organized and systematic approach when troubleshooting or problem solving? It is your optimizing and deployment process the more easier and faster? Many obstacles and difficulties can be prevented if you have some guidelines in mind. Read the MM visions about this important topic and gain some skills to really master Flash:

Testing strategies for Macromedia Flash movies
Testing and troubleshooting
How to troubleshoot a Macromedia Flash movie
Quick Tips for Flash
Troubleshooting and developing your logic for Authorware and Director
General Macintosh troubleshooting
General Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP Troubleshooting
Archived Macromedia Flash Players available for testing purposes
Version test for Macromedia Flash Player
Usability : Flash 99% Good. Chapter 8 : The future of Flash
Blueprints and foundations: How to build a Macromedia Flash application by Branden Hall
ActionScript Coding Best Practices by Michael Williams (PDF)

August 13, 2003

The MM inescapable links: starting points and touchstones

Many designers and web artists are excited about using Flash but they just don't have any starting point, and many "flashers" just don't know how to introduce Flash. Meanwhile in the mailing lists we receive periodically questions who has been answered 1'000000 times. A post for great justice.

Getting started with flash
Resources for learning Flash
Flash Me, Shock Me, Just Be Sure You Objectify Me: Object-Oriented
Web sites devoted to Macromedia Flash and Flash Developers
Macromedia Flash MX tutorials
Tutorial and article index
Tip of the Week is a QuickTime movie series
Getting started with ActionScript

August 14, 2003

Flash mailing lists and crush of interest: The Flash Lounge Solution

A: "Please stop this OT" B: "Go to hell you *#%#!!! "... How many times have you seen this beautiful picture taking place in your screen monitor? Well, Branden Hall attacks again, with "a meeting place for Flash developers/designers to chat and generally goof off." If you want to subscribe, go to https://www.chattyfig.figleaf.com/ or send an email to: [email protected] (Digest: [email protected]).
Additionaly, a new list is open: "Flash Developer Community Mailing List" runned by Michael Trezza (lithyem), in his words: "If you have serious questions and they might be a lil OT for FlashCoders, throw them over here, if they become flash pertinent, we can move them to FlashCoders, simple." If you want to subscribe, go to https://www.lithyem.net/mailman/listinfo/flash_community_lithyem.net
Well, Mike Chambers was talking about this "problem" and suddenly Branden Hall comes with the Flash Loung. Nice. Read the post of Mike Chambers here: https://www.markme.com/mesh/archives/003078.cfm

Great ideas with high traffic... Personally, I think that I'm going to be just a "virtual wall flower" (digest mode).

August 15, 2003

"Flash based blog"... "flash blog viewer"... You think that's air you're breathing now?

"Why many flashers (scripters and developers) don't use flash based blogs?" Ok, we already know why, but many humans still don't know why (some flashers just don't know how). My 2 cents: some links, sources and discussions on flash based blogs and flash blog viewers.

Morpheus: How did I beat you?
Neo: Your too fast.
Morpheus: Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place? You think that's air you're breathing now?... Again.
(Matrix transcript)

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August 17, 2003

actionScriptHero flash aggregator: The Hall of Justhese

Don't miss the adventures of the most famous actionScript Heroes in the World! For the first time, you can find them together in the Hall of Justhese!
Bookmark this Flash Based Aggregator to stay current with the last world news about Flash.

Read the summaries of:
+ The blogs of the most famous Flash developers in the planet,
+ Macromedia blogs,
+ Flash Team Macromedia blogs.
Get the last resources:
+ Components, flas, tutorials, add-on tools, code, kits...
+ Select your favorite aggregator an read it
+ Read the last tech news in the world
Flash design:
+ Read the last news in Flash design
World News:
+ You can even read the last news selecting your favorite source... and much more!
The best of the Flash World selected and syndicated by aSH for you. Stay tunned! Keep in touch with the Flash Community!

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August 19, 2003

Don't _root me so much. I can beat you with this or call my _parents.

Portability! Scope your variables using relative addressing! Don't use _root! :sighs: ... On January 24, 2002, at 08:24:44, Williams, Michael wrote:

Hey FlashCoders, The team is working on a comprehensive list of "Best Practices" when developing applications and user interfaces using the Flash Player and we would like to get your comments on this document. We feel that the community has a lot of say in what defines a well written Flash application, and we value your input greatly. What follows is a first draft of this document which will eventually be published as part of a developer centric area of macromedia.com that we are working very hard on right now. Please send any comments to this list, as I am anxious to get any input and additions to this list. I look forward to the discussion. [/quote]

+ Read the 'living document that is driven by community input' : ActionScript Coding Standards by Michael Williams. March 2002. PDF - HTML (google) - Flashcoders Wiki Best Practices

+ Read the entire thread on Best Practices RFC at Flashcoders to really understand the meaning of this Best Practices (many flashcoders worked in this thinking on you, to help you!)

+ Read Best Practices Guidelines at What is Flash.

+ Read Best Practices for using Macromedia Flash MX to build Rich Internet Applications by Jason Hatcher from Macromedia.

+ And finally, read Application Developer's ActionScript Workshop by Colin Moock (source files for examples here).

And please, don't _root anymore.

August 21, 2003

Edgar A. POE, aSH and typewriter effects: What a HELL!

Clients can be so scary as to cause chills and shudders. That's right. Typewriter effect, loadXML, loadVARS, different speed... quickly! :-O Luckyly I had this component... Sources and links of corse, and my picture reading Edgar A. Poe "The Tell-Tale Heart"!

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August 22, 2003

Flash based RSS viewer using a txt file. No database needed.

Following my latest notes about Flash based blogs and Flash based viewers (see actionScriptHero flash based aggregator too), here a really easy customizable RSS viewer to integrate in your site. You can add your preferred feeds and offer to your visitants acces to summarys (with links) of your selected sites. You don't need databases, just add your feeds to a txt file.
This Flash based RSS viewer was developed by Jorge Solis, from flash-db.com. Is one of the most easy Flash RSS viewers I think, that's why I recommend his utilisation if you don't have access to databases.
Only requirement: PHP (4 or above. You don't need to touch those files).
A taste? See my adventure. For more information, demos and downloads please go to flash-db. com, click here (In this page you'll find an HTML reader, Flash 5 reader, RSS viewer Flash 6 using MySQL, and the RSS reader).
If you have some questions, visit the board of flash-db.com here. If you want my advice, I'll be glad to share my experience with you (feel free to post your questions), although I'm pretty sure that in flash-db.com you'll find all the information that you need.

August 27, 2003

Search tips in Chattyfig lists: How to save time (and money?) following the etiquette.

There comes a time when you really need help (learn more, get tips, reuse code, troubleshooting)... maybe you're in a hurry and you need SOME answers quickly. Before you jump into the lists saying that you don't find anything (even the search engine itself) wasting not only your time but the time of other people, these tips can come to your rescue:

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August 30, 2003

Flash MX 2004: Is Paris (France) getting flashed?

What about Paris? What's going on there? Is the City of Lights, the "magic city", the "temple of lovers" getting flashed? actionScriptHero blogs the official "avant-premiere" of Flash MX 2004 in Paris.

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