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October 1, 2006

Yahoo to give away e-mail code: CNet

"The company made the announcement ahead of a 24-hour "Yahoo Hack Day", where it has invited more than 500 most youthful outside programmers to build new applications using Yahoo services. Hack is used in its original sense of "creative programming" not illicit sense of breaking into computers."
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Customers come 1st for Adobe CEO: clarionledger.com

"For Bruce Chizen, it all started at his dad's Brooklyn appliance store. "Getting to watch my dad, in retrospect, taught me more about business than anyone else in my life," recalls Chizen, the CEO of software giant Adobe Systems. "His business was all about loyalty and word of mouth. He would do anything for the customer.""
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Sharing Songs and Pictures with the Zune: The Guardian

"Microsoft's 10 has a video demo. Also: "We will be interviewing someone from the Zune team next week so let us know what questions we should ask, or any particular feature that you'd like to see covered.""
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Introduction to technology: Strong Bad

A great introduction to technology by Strong Bad! Watch it here.

October 2, 2006

Understanding Classpaths, Step beyond the built-in toolset: sys-con.com

"All objects in recent versions of ActionScript are defined by something called classes. Think of classes as blueprints that determine the unique combination of characteristics, actions, and reactions that comprises a particular object of a certain type. By "object," we are talking about the familiar things a Flash developer deals with every day: movie clips (the MovieClip class), text fields (the TextField class), buttons, sounds, math functions, components, you name it. They are all defined by classes."
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Yahoo opens up its e-mail program: BBC

"Although Yahoo plans to keep control of the code that deals with user names and passwords, programmers will be able to tinker with almost every other part of the e-mail reading program. Yahoo Mail has more than 257 million registered accounts."
Read more here.

Netflix offers $1 million for a better review: CNet

"Netflix, the popular online movie rental service, is planning to award $1 million to the first person who can improve the accuracy of movie recommendations based on personal preferences."
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Hackers claim zero-day flaw in Firefox: CNet

CNet: "SAN DIEGO--The open-source Firefox Web browser is critically flawed in the way it handles JavaScript, two hackers said Saturday afternoon. An attacker could commandeer a computer running the browser simply by crafting a Web page that contains some malicious JavaScript code, Mischa Spiegelmock and Andrew Wbeelsoi said in a presentation at the ToorCon hacker conference here. The flaw affects Firefox on Windows, Apple Computer's Mac OS X and Linux, they said. "
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Globalization Decimating US I.T. Jobs: Slashdot

"mrraven writes, "According to Ronald Reagan's former deputy secretary of the treasury in this article in Counterpunch, globalization is destroying US I.T. jobs. "
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Adobe Builds on Acrobat Strengths: eWeek

"For our tests, we installed the Acrobat 8 Professional beta on a Lenovo 3000 V100 laptop with a 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo T2300e processor running Windows XP SP2 and Office 2003. We also installed the beta on a Hewlett-Packard xw9300 workstation with Advanced Micro Devices' 2.6GHz Opteron 252 processor and 2GB of RAM running 64-bit Windows XP Professional and Office 2007 Beta 2." Read more here.

Flash Turns E-mail Client Into ...: Computerworld.com

"[...]a developer of high-end messaging servers, will release its first end-user client, called Pronto, early next month. Now in beta, Pronto uses Adobe Systems Inc.’s Flash software as the foundation for its messaging services, which combine e-mail, instant messaging, voice over IP and other capabilities into a single Web-based client. Pronto runs on Linux, Macintosh and Windows systems that have the Flash 9 player installed in their Web browsers. Doyle says that CommuniGate also evaluated Asynchronous JavaScript and XML technology, better known as AJAX, but decided that Flash is more secure because it holds data in RAM, not a cache. Pronto will come as a standard feature of the company’s CommuniGate 5.1 messaging server software, which starts at $699."
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October 3, 2006

Firefox JavaScript security "a complete mess"?: arstechnica

"Firefox is loaded with security flaws, according to a hacker duo that presented at this year's ToorCon. Mischa Spiegelmock and Andrew Wbeelsoi used a session at the show to highlight what they have called "a complete mess" that is "impossible to patch" in Firefox's JavaScript implementation. According to the pair, the implementation is home to at least 30 possible exploits, all of which they plan to keep to themselves. CNet's Joris Evers brought the story to light this past weekend, but reports are surfacing everywhere."
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Old spammers learn new tricks: The Inquirer

"Israel continues to be the world's top spam target with spam representing 73.6 percent of all email traffic. If you want to avoid spam the best place to go is India and the best place to avoid a virus was Australia."
Raed more here.

Adobe Flash Player Multiple Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities: Security Focus

Updated 2 October. Stuart Pearson of Computer Terrorism (UK) Ltd is credited with the discovery of this vulnerability.
Somebody from adobe can comment on this ? Read more here.

Actionscript Hero Adventures Statistics

Here are the statistics of Actionscript Hero Adventures.

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10 things you should do to improve every new Windows PC: TechRepublic

"Overview: This document lists 10 enhancements you should make to every new Windows PC, no matter whether it is a workstation or the family media computer."
Read more here.

October 4, 2006

Firefox vulnerability claim was fabricated : The Inquirer

"A HACKER who told the Toorcon conference that Firefox was a complete security mess and couldn't be fixed has admitted that he made it all up."
Read more here.

The other Google search site: CNet

"Google has created a search site without any Google branding to test new features."
Read more here.

Who will pick up W3C’s baton?: Itweek

"[...]Other important standards are proprietary. Adobe is busily trying to position Flash and PDF as web standards, Microsoft is pushing XAML and its new XBAPs – XAML Browser Applications – and Sun manages Java standards." Read more here.

Hackers Crash the Social Networking Party: PCWorld

"The malware headache began for Robyn when she saw a MySpace bulletin from a friend inviting her to view new photos. She knew the friend in real life, so she went ahead and clicked the link. The site looked like a photo-sharing site, but one she had never heard of. Then her computer practically froze. A few days later, her MySpace friends received photo-viewing invites that seemed to come from her. "It definitely wigged me out," says Robyn, who asked that her last name not be used. She hasn't touched that computer since. "
Read more here.

Web 2.0 Needs a "Confusion Solution": Sys-con

"Web 2.0 has the capacity to astonish and engage. It also has the capacity to confuse. So those of us who feel they have a duty of care toward Web 2.0 had better move fast. We need a "Confusion Solution.""
Read more here.

BSD Medical's Award-Winning Website Brings Hope to Thousands With Cancer: Yahoo Finance

"Forbes called this site "one of the web's top recognition sites for innovative web design." The Hope Garden was also named Site of the Day on Adobe.com for September 1, 2006. Selected from hundreds of submissions throughout the month of September, the Adobe award recognizes projects based on strong visual design, technical execution, usability, interesting and/or timely content, ROI and benefit to the organization as well as overall innovative use of Adobe products."
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Applications for Adobe RoboHelp Beta; become a Beta tester.

Adobe is taking applications for the closed beta for Adobe RoboHelp.
If you are interested in participating please submit a request to

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October 5, 2006

Adobe Adds Sophisticated Blogging Capabilities to Contribute 4

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced immediate availability of Adobe® Contribute™ 4 software, a new version of the award-winning web publishing solution designed for business, education and government workers to easily and safely contribute content to the Web without having to learn HTML. Key features in Adobe Contribute 4 include new blog publishing capabilities, unified web publishing, enhanced Microsoft Office integration for Windows® users, and Adobe Flash® video support."
Read more here.

New Adobe Digital School Collection Brings Learning to Life for K-12 Educators and Students

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the new Adobe Digital School Collection, aimed at providing digital communication solutions to K-12 schools. The collection brings together four powerful software applications to create an easy-to-use solution for teachers, students and school administrators: Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 5.0, Adobe Premiere® Elements 3.0, Adobe Contribute™ 4, and Adobe Acrobat® 8 Professional software." Read more here.

Can Web 2.0 be adapted to the enterprise?: blogs.ZDNet

"Last week I had the distinct honor of listening to Harvard Business School's Andrew McAfee speak on Enterprise 2.0 at The New New Internet in Northern Virginia. " Read more here.

Emmy Huang announces Flash Player 9 Update Beta on Adobe Labs - bugfixes, Vista support and new full-screen mode feature

"The beta version of an upcoming update for Flash Player 9 is now available on Adobe Labs. This release contains bug fixes, adds Vista support to the ActiveX player, and also includes a feature that I think you will all be excited about ... full-screen mode in the web players."
Read more here.

Apple Mac Pro is crowned the fastest "PC" in the UK: PCPRO

"The quad-core Apple Mac Pro has set new records in PC Pro's benchmarks, in the UK's first independent speed test of the latest Intel-based Mac. The Mac Pro is fitted with two of the top-end workstation-orientated Xeon CPUs. This effectively makes it a quad-core machine, and it's fabulously fast for CPU-intensive tasks, as long as the application in question is able to use them all."
Read more here.

100 ActionScript 3 Tips and Tricks by Senocular

"The ActionScript 3 Tip of the Day thread has just made it to 100 tips. Topics include: event handling, stage access, MXMLC metadata tags, XML and E4X, Flash 9 (alpha), and many more. After this 100th tip, I'll no longer be adding to the list daily, but still plan to add more from time to time. "
Read more here. Senocular's website: https://www.senocular.com/ BTW, Senocular's website has been added to Actionscript Hero Adventures here.

What a Vista Upgrade Will Really Cost You: Slashdot

What a Vista Upgrade Will Really Cost You @ Slashdot. Read more here.

October 6, 2006

Google releases code search service: Arstechnica

"Google's latest beta, a source code search engine, is now open to the public. Google Code Search allows users to query a massive database of publicly available source code and filter results based on license and programming language. With support for regular expressions and optional case sensitivity, the service is clearly designed for software developers. Google plans to release an API for the service so that its functionality can be incorporated into development environments and other tools."
Read more here.

Zune Overview: GeekNewsCentral

"If your looking for a preview of what the Zune is going to offer and how the interface functions take a look at this presentation by on10.net. " Read more here.

Is Windows still relevant?: CNet

"Still, Microsoft's archrivals continue to view it as a product with a potentially make-or-break impact on their businesses. In fact, two of them--Adobe Systems and Symantec--are lobbying European regulators to get tough on Microsoft. The European Union already has an unresolved antitrust dispute with Microsoft, and Adobe and Symantec would be silly not to play that card for all it's worth. "
Read more here.

News from Cedric Muller

My fellow friend Cedric has made a wonderful work. Take a look:
Airgraph: https://www.benga.li/airgraph/
and "draw one for yourself":
Link 1
Link 2

Microsoft to lock pirates out of Vista PCs: CNet

" Windows Vista will have new antipiracy technology that locks people out their PCs if the operating system isn't activated within 30 days after installation."
Read more here.

James Gonzalez on Flash tutorials and articles (Informit.com)

"James Gonzalez is a professor of multimedia studies at the College of Marin and is the author of the best-selling book Flash Professional 8: Hands-on Training (Peachpit, 2005)." Read his articles here.

The Vista budget vacuum: SmallBusiness

"I estimate each Vista user will cost your company between $3,250 and $5,000. That's each and every Vista user." Read more here.

Actionscript Hero Feedback Needed

Here is a poll for ActionScript Hero.
Sometimes one needs to know what people think about its work. Thanks for your vote!
All the best,

Koders Unafraid Of Google Code Search: Webpronews

"Koders.com thinks its forthcoming features like an OpenSearch API for open source code and support for ActionScript will make it a logical choice for developers too."
Read more here.

October 7, 2006

Microsoft engaging with hackers: BBC

"A team from Microsoft headquarters went to Malaysia for Asia's biggest gathering of hackers - not to confront the enemy - but to throw the hackers a party."
Read more here.

Adobe Includes Drag And Drop Flash Support In New Contribute Release: Webpronews

" Entry-level and code-challenged webmasters now have a whole new set of tools to play with in the latest release of Adobe's web publishing product. Contribute 4 now boasts improved blog publishing capability and unified web publishing along with support for Flash video."
Read more here.

Survey Exposes the Four Web Dev Stereotypes - Which are You?: Sitepoint

"Back in June, Ektron and SitePoint jointly sponsored the State of Web Development 2006 survey, polling the people who actually build the Web to discover the truth about the technologies and practices being used by the community. The survey asked people about their jobs, the tools they use, the platforms they develop for, and the practices they apply to their design and development tasks. In this article, we present an overview of the survey, the data collected, and the sorts of information that can be extracted from the data with deeper analysis."
Read more here.

10 'seriously cool' workplaces: CNet

"Ever since the birth of the cubicle, it has been argued, office workstations have gone downhill. Fortunately, at least some companies have come to understand the importance of physicial surroundings to an employee's creativity, productivity and general disposition."
Read more here.

October 8, 2006

The Windows Vista Interface: Informit

"A lot has been said about the new user interface for Windows Vista. In this chapter from his latest book, Paul McFedries runs through the foundation, functions, and eye candy for Vista's latest UI." Read more here.

Vista gaming will be 10 to 15 per cent slower than XP:The Inquirer

"MICROSOFT is telling its selected gaming industry chaps that gaming under Vista will be ten to fifteen per cent slower than XP. It is because you have to load the 3D desktop all the time. It is ironic, as the same company tells the developers that the same API can do certain things up to four times faster."
Read more here.

Link to ActionScript Hero Adventures The Definitive List!

Do you know where to find the list of the last 227 articles and tutorials of the Adobe Developer Center? The list of the last 66 articles and tutorials of the Flash Adobe Developer Center? Or the last 31 articles and tutorials of the Adobe Labs? Or the list of the entries of the best ActionScript Heroes in the world?

Link to ActionScript Hero Adventures The Definitive List!
Use the search feature to browse the list!

Here is the code (banner 88X31):

<a href="/adventures/index.html" target="_blank"><img src="/images/banners/ashadv88x31.gif" alt="Actionscript Hero Adventures The Definitive List" border="0"></a>

Or download the banner here (link: https://www.actionscripthero.com/adventures/):

You can submit a ActionScript Hero in the comments.

October 9, 2006

Adobe and Tradocs Help Automate Document Processes Across Global Supply Chains

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) and Tradocs (www.tradocs.net ) today announced the availability of a jointly developed solution for the automation of international trade documents within supply chain processes with Intel Corporation. Demonstrated this week at the Sibos Conference in Sydney, Australia, the solution is based on the Tradocs Trade Services Utility (TSU) Connector Suite, Adobe® PDF and the SWIFT1 Trade Services Utility platform, powered by Intel ® Core™ 2 Duo processors for high performance computing."
Read more here.

To Vista, or not to Vista: The Inquirer

"ANYONE SHOPPING for a new computer in the next six to twelve months is going to have one big headache facing them. (Except for the Mac people, who are happy to buy Macs regardless what is going on in the world). For the "rest of us" – the 90 percent of us that buy PC-based hardware (Well, I could say that's all of us, since the Mac people are buying simplified PCs with better looking cases and a different operating system, but the Mac people would argue not), there are tough choices ahead. If you want to stay on the leading/bleeding edge, Windows Vista will allegedly/supposedly be available in January 2007 and might show up installed on "Windows Vista" optimized configurations around that time or shortly thereafter."
Read more here.

Internet Explorer 7 to go live in October: ZDNet

"It's not just Windows Vista and Office 2007 that are closing in on their release-to-manufaturing (RTM) dates. Internet Explorer 7 is nearing the finish line, as well. In fact, according to a posting on the IE Blog, IE 7 is "coming later this month." "
Read more here.

India does a star turn to Adobe: Times of India

"NEW DELHI: Adobe India is on a roll. In the past one month, the San Jose-based parent of the Indian unit has commercially released three products, completely "Made in India". Contribute 4.0, the latest product to have been released in the United States on Friday, was fully engineered in India, as were the other two, Captivate 2 and Premier Elements 3.0. "
Read more here.

Sony ex-chairman warns on future: BBC

"Japan's consumer electronics industry is dying, Sony's former chief says. Consumer electronics firms in Japan needed to merge and adapt to a world where the TV was becoming a portal to the internet, Nobuyuki Idei said. "
Read more here.

Buzz: Vista to cost $5,000 per user? No way.: Arstechnica

"How much will it cost to upgrade businesses to Windows Vista? Anyone who works in IT knows that pinning a number down for a question like this is a nigh-impossible task. Are you replacing hardware? Do you need to retrain users? What software are you using, anyway?"
Read more here.

October 10, 2006

Adobe Showcases Solutions for eLearning at EDUCAUSE 2006

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today at EDUCAUSE 2006 will highlight how educational institutions can extend learning beyond the campus with Adobe technologies. The combination of Adobe's web conferencing, collaboration software and easy-to-use multimedia creation tools give educators the opportunity to focus on the practices of effective teaching and learning among distributed participants."
Read more here.

Windows XP SP1 Support Ends Tuesday: Slashdot

"ZDNet reports that support for Windows XP SP1 and SP1a will be ending this coming Tuesday.'"
Read more here.

Problems viewing sites in IE 7? Download this: ZDNet

"Blame aside, what can users do who still need IE 6 to view certain sites and apps, but are unable to run it simultaneously with IE 7 on their systems, given that IE 7 overwrites IE 6? Microsoft's User Agent String Utility Version 2 may be just the ticket. The applet temporarily tricks IE 7 into behaving like IE 6. User Agent String, the latest release of which Microsoft posted to its download site in mid-September, is a "utility that opens an Internet Explorer 7.0 window that is configured to report its identity to websites as being Internet Explorer 6.0," according to Microsoft's description. "
Read more here.

Google buys YouTube: Arstechnica

"I didn't think it would happen, but it did: Google has agreed to buy YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock. The news comes after a cornucopia of press releases announcing Google and YouTube deals to distribute music videos from Universal, Sony, Warner Music, and CBS, paving the way for a relatively risk-free buyout from Google's perspective."
Read more here.

Microsoft promises Vista security: BBC

"A senior Microsoft executive has promised that its new operating system will be more secure than ever. Jean-Philippe Courtois, president of Microsoft International, said that beefing-up security was one reason behind delays to Windows Vista. "
Read more here.

OK, so Eric Schmidt is a moron: CNet

"Only a couple of weeks ago tech bad boy Mark Cuban publicly questioned the intelligence of anyone who would buy YouTube."
Read more here.

The Relevance of Windows: Slashdot

Interesting comments @ slashdot on windows. Well, some comments. Read more here.

October 11, 2006

Adobe Buys Mobile Software Technology Developed by Actimagine

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the acquisition of vector graphics technology developed by Actimagine, a company that develops, patents, and licenses software solutions in the field of video and interactive vector graphics. With Flash® technology already established on high-end mobile handsets around the world, the acquisition will extend the reach of Adobe mobile technologies, including Adobe® Flash Lite™, to high-volume, mass market devices. Under the terms of the agreement, Actimagine will also incorporate existing and future versions of Adobe Flash Lite technology into their service offerings."
Read more here.

"Microsoft Goes After Adobe": Microsoft Watch

"Microsoft takes the gloves off with a new video comparing Visual Studio and Dreamweaver."
"Microsoft has produced a video comparison entitled "101 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Features Compared to Adobe Dreamweaver 8," and as the introduction on the Microsoft Web page describing the video says, "The gloves come off in this feature by feature video comparison of Visual Studio 2005 and Dreamweaver 8. We'll pull no punches as we take an in-depth look at each winning bout.""
Read more here.

Browser numbers released, IE still losing ground: Arstechnica

"New browser usage statistics are out for September, and they're showing some interesting changes in browser market share. Internet Explorer, which has been the market share king for many years now, has been falling steadily since the launch of Firefox 1.0 and has now reached its lowest point in over two years at 82.10 percent. Firefox, on the other hand, has been growing steadily, reaching 12.46 percent market share. Safari holds its third place spot, but sees increasing numbers as well at 3.53 percent."
Read more here.

Developing Flex 2 Applications with ColdFusion and XML Without Needing FDS or Mystic: Sys-Con

"Flex is one of the greatest technologies around. Combine it with ColdFusion and it just gets better. Adobe has made it possible to use Flex 2 efficiently with ColdFusion and easily get data across the server to a Flex front-end."
Read more here.

Developing Flex 2 Applications with ColdFusion and XML Without Needing FDS or Mystic: Sys-Con

"Flex is one of the greatest technologies around. Combine it with ColdFusion and it just gets better. Adobe has made it possible to use Flex 2 efficiently with ColdFusion and easily get data across the server to a Flex front-end."
Read more here.

Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Not quite Google Office, but closer: CNet

"Google just launched the feature I was kvetching about yesterday when I covered Zoho: an integrated file system for its productivity applications. Until now, documents created in Writely and in Google Spreadsheets lived separately. But in the new, publicly-available Google Docs and Spreadsheets, at docs.google.com, all the documents you create in either Docs (no more "Writely") or Spreadsheets are displayed in one interface, where you can tag your files, and sort them however you want. It's a big improvement."
Read more here.

Google "Office" Released: Slashdot

As the title says, more on "Google Office". The discussion is very interesting. Read more here.

Babel fish territory? You bet, Adobe.: newswireless

Interesting discussion going on at newswireless about Acrobat Connect. With quotes of Scott Fegette and all! Read more here.

Microsoft disses Adobe with comparison videos: tgdaily.com

"In the latest chapter of the ongoing feud between Microsoft and Adobe, Microsoft has now released a collection of videos on its Web site that gives viewers a head-to-head comparison between Dreamweaver 8, Adobe's site building application, and Microsoft's offering, Visual Studio 2005. In the bevy of comparative videos, Microsoft shows 101 Visual Studio features as compared to Dreamweaver 8. A somewhat uncharacteristically offensive move, Microsoft intros the feature with an attacking message. "The gloves come off in this feature by feature video comparison of Visual Studio 2005 and Dreamweaver 8. We'll pull no punches as we tale an in-depth look at each winning bout," it says on the site hosting the videos."
Read more here.

Warning over 'broken up' internet: BBC

"The internet could one day be broken up into separate networks around the world, a leading light in the development of the net has warned. Nitin Desai, chair of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), set up by the UN, warned that concerns over the net's future could lead to separation."
Read more here.

October 12, 2006

Google launches classroom project: CNet

"Weeks into a new school year, Google has started courting K-12 teachers with a resource guide on how to use its applications in the classroom.

Late Wednesday, the search giant launched the site Google for Educators. The site includes how-to video tutorials for products like Blogger; lesson plans for applications like Google Earth; and links to a training academy to become a "Google certified teacher," a pilot program for teachers to learn about technology."

Read more here.

Why Microsoft is wrong on Vista security: CNet

This article, published on October 9 has unleash a interesting discussion at CNet. At the same time, as I blogged yesterday, the BBC says that Microsoft has promised "Vista Security".
Read more on Why Microsoft is wrong on Vista security here.

Also read "Symantec and McAfee should stop crying about Vista" at ZDNet, huge discussion over there as well.

Getting Ready for IE7 :Microsoft Watch

"Internet Explorer 7 is due to come out in the very near future (definitely before the end of October), and those who haven't tested the browser or made sure that their Web sites and applications work with it should start getting busy. One fairly useful tool that I've seen is the IE 7 Readiness Toolkit. " Read more here.

Adobe eliminates vulnerabilities in several products: heise-security.co.uk

"Adobe has released updates to close holes in several of its products." Read more here.

How to block the automatic installation of Internet Explorer 7: Arstechnica

"Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) was just about ready to be shipped. The company also warned that, a few weeks after the browser's release, it would be distributed via Automatic Updates. In order to prevent mass chaos, Microsoft has said that the automatic installation of the new browser can be prevented, but how?"
Read more here.

Suggest a ActionScript Hero to The Definitive List

Through this form, submit a ActionScript Hero to The Definitive List here. Reminder: to link us, follow the white rabbit:

Windows Vista RC2 build 5744: ZDNet test finds Adobe Flash issue

"In previous builds, we've been able to load our familiar Windows XP applications on Windows Vista with little difficulty. Not true with Windows Vista RC2 build 5744. We use TechSmith Camtasia to create and edit (ZDNet sister site) CNET Reviews videos; but unlike previous builds, within Windows Vista RC2 we were unable to display the playback, making edits impossible. A compatibility dialogue box advised us that we needed the flash.ocx file from Adobe Flash, which is not included within Windows Vista; but after installing that, we were still unable to use the video playback. Although Microsoft is giving software developers 90 days (more or less) to ready developers' products for a mass release of Windows Vista, we were surprised to find that lack of compatibility was a major issue in this release candidate."
Read more here.

October 13, 2006

Adobe’s Internet app for offline PCs: PCAdvisor

PCAdvisor quotes Shantanu Narayen ( president and chief operating officer of Adobe) on Apollo:

""We're not yet laying out the complete roadmap but what we are doing is working with a set of developers to make sure it's right," he said. "Our goal is when it's available in the marketplace as an early beta for people to play with and develop applications, we want to make sure we've already incorporated as much feedback as we can.""

Read more here.

Vista Licenses Limit OS Transfers, Ban VM Use: TechWeb (!)

" Microsoft has released licenses for the Windows Vista operating system that dramatically differ from those for Windows XP in that they limit the number of times that retail editions can be transferred to another device and ban the two least-expensive versions from running in a virtual machine." Read more here.
Read also relate articles at: Slahsdot and The Inquirer.

The worst technologies in Q3 2006: CNet

You know, kind of article... but it was good seen the faces of the two hackers that say they had found a JavaScript-handling flaw that could be exploited to attack Firefox users (hoax).
Read more here.

Adobe and Microsoft... What Adobe stated on June

In these times is important to reminder what Adobe stated on June: Read it here.

Begun, These GooTube Copyright Wars Have: eWeek ("Adobe the big winner")

In this article, the author says that the Google's purchase of YouTube really does is begin to standardize how copyrighted video is made available online for free. At the end of the article he says:

"p.s. I was talking with Nate from BetaNews at a party last night, and he said something I haven't heard anybody else say: "You know who the big winner in all this really is? Adobe." Ten years after Flash debuted, it's everywhere"
Read the article here.

No delay to Vista, Microsoft says: news.moneycentral.msn.com

"Groups such as Google, the leader in internet search technology, Symantec and McAfee, which provide security software, and Adobe, the maker of the PDF document reader, are concerned that their business will be harmed if Microsoft "bundles" rival versions of their products into Vista."
Read more here.

Actionscript Hero Adventures The Definitive List Poll opened to guests!

No need to register to cast your vote at Actionscript Hero Adventures The Definitive List. I managed to hack the phpBB configuration to allow guests to vote. More fun! Cast your vote!

October 14, 2006

Adobe: Apollo an offline RIA oracle: InfoWorld

"The ability to run Adobe-based RIAs offline could very well prove a significant thorn in Microsoft's side. And not only in terms of developer mindshare -- the battle lines for which were opened for debate on yesterday's Scobleizer. The Web dependency of today's RIAs are holding many enterprises back. Offline versions, however, could prove fruitful in not only overcoming Web-constrained limitations but also winning over widespread adoption."
Read more here.

aSH The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Survey/Poll results

With 1004 votes (octobre 14, 12:40 GMT+1), I'm closing the survey/poll on "What do you think of Actionscript Hero" opened on october 6. Thanks to all the people who give me the feedback. All the best! See the results here.
I'm moved for those 604 votes (60.2%) of love for Actionscript Hero! :D

October 15, 2006

Firefox 2.0 to Feature New JavaScript 1.7: BetaNews

"As Schroepfer told BetaNews, JavaScript 1.7 is an interim build, a "check point" on the way to finally implementing JavaScript 2.0, which is based on (actually a superset of) the ECMAscript 4.0 proposal that Netscape made to the ECMA standards body in 2003, and which incorporates Macromedia's (now Adobe's) ActionScript 2.0." Read more here.

How Google's giving Microsoft a new fit: CNet

"Google is again making life difficult for Microsoft--this time taking heart at the company's bread and butter, office applications"
Read more here.

20 Things the Average Person Doesn’t Know About Windows XP: RealTechNews

Read it here.

Vista on schedule in Europe, South Korea: arstechnica

"After threatening to delay the launch of Vista in both Europe and South Korea due to antitrust concerns, Microsoft has agreed to make changes, and has announced that they will ship the operating system on schedule worldwide."
Read more here.

October 16, 2006

Adobe PDF Print Engine Powering New Generation of High-Impact Creative and Print Workflows

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that major OEM printing partners will be demonstrating the integration of Adobe® PDF Print Engine into printing systems at Adobe's booth (booth No. 4229) and partner booths at Graph Expo, October 15 to 18 in Chicago. First introduced in April 2006, Adobe PDF Print Engine today powers products from the print industry's biggest names, with Agfa Graphics, Dainippon Screen, FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Kodak Graphic Communications Group, and RIPit all showcasing products utilizing this key print technology."
Read more here.

Adobe lights Fireworks beta program, become a beta tester

Adobe is seeking participants for a beta program for its Abode Fireworks 9 Web graphics and site layout design tool. Read more here.

Microsoft's PDF-killer heads towards standards body: Arstechnica

"There's no doubt about it: Adobe's Portable Document Format—better known as PDF—is a choice tool for digital document delivery. Some might say that it's the tool for delivering complex documents to wide array of users, as its design allows for faithful rendering on any platform that supports PDF—application issues, font problems, layout quirks, etc., need need not apply."
Read more here.

Adobe president Narayen explains how Apollo will work (video): Digital World Tokyo

"Adobe president and COO, Shantanu Narayen, spoke to us last week about the company's intriguing new Apollo initiative. As he explains in the video below, Apollo is designed to run rich Internet applications offline on PCs."
Watch the video here.

Adobe, Microsoft and the Developers community

Jens C. Brynildsen of flashmagazine has published a nice article on "Who will win the developers?". Read it here.

Microsoft strikes deal with EU over Vista: PCPRO

"Following concerns raised by Adobe, Microsoft will be submitting the XML Paper Specification (XPS) file format that competes with Adobe's PDF format to a standards organisation and promises to do so 'shortly'. It will also be changing the licensing terms of the format." Read more here.

EU to Adobe, Microsoft: Talk amongst yourselves: ZDNet

" Adobe Systems and Microsoft must speak directly to each other about changes the latter has agreed to make to its upcoming Vista operating system, the European Commission said Monday." Read more here.

‘Open’ Microsoft Document Format: Good or Bad News for Adobe?: ITBusinessEdge

"A smart piece at Ars Technica speculates that by pressuring Redmond to truly “open” XPS, the EU (if in fact it was the prime motivator in the case) has perhaps hurt Adobe’s market position, particularly if an “open” document format from Microsoft makes headway in the open source/Linux sector. We agree with Ars Technica that MS will undoubtedly retain legal control of its “open” format, as Adobe does with PDF. But XPS’s biggest blow to Adobe may well be that Office users will no longer need to buy its relatively expensive Acrobat software to have full editing capabilities over a portable document format. "
Read more here.

Cold war between Microsoft and European Commission thaws: The Guardian

"[Microsoft] agreed that its new fixed-layout document format, XML, similar to that of Adobe's PDF files, will be scrutinsed by a standards setting body and that the licensing terms under which the format is made available to rival software companies will be revised."
Read more here.

Adobe Appoints Former Intel Exec to Senior VP of Corporate Marketing and Communications

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: ADBE) today announced the appointment of Ann Lewnes as senior vice president of corporate marketing and communications. Lewnes previously served as Intel Corporation's vice president of sales and marketing and director of partner marketing, which included responsibility for the “Intel Inside” program. Lewnes will join Adobe on Nov. 1, 2006 and will oversee Adobe's corporate positioning, branding and identity, public relations, customer engagement marketing and vertical marketing efforts. She replaces Melissa Dyrdahl who has decided to leave the company to pursue her interest in social entrepreneurism." Read more here.

October 17, 2006

Mozilla brainstorms Firefox 3.0: The Register

"Mozilla has established a "feature brainstorming" wiki [link] where users can post a wish-list of hoped-for features. Requests are been divided into categories such as browser customisation, enhanced privacy, security, improvements to Firefox's download manager and many other areas."
Read more here.

One giant step for home entertainment? (You have got to be Kidding!)

Is this the way we will all be 'enjoying' our television programmes and computer games in the future? [Via Geeks New Central]

Google's ads could kill YouTube: The Register

"Google's intention to drive advertising profits through the acquisition of this year's hottest web property may actually be the move that ends up killing the golden GooTube." Read more here.

Install Vista, Buy Graphics Card: Wired

"Microsoft's Windows Vista is nearing completion for retail distribution in January, but many buyers will discover that a stand-alone graphics processor or card is required to reap its full benefits."
Read more here.

A Brief History of Computers, As Seen in Old TV Ads: PCWorld

A Brief History of Computers, As Seen in Old TV Ads. There is one ad of Commodore 64! [Via Slashdot]

Mobile.actionscript.it Announces Mobile Game Contest: Gamasutra

"Italian Flash news and information site actionscript.it has announced a call for submissions to its second annual Mobile Game Contest, sponsored by Jamba, Adobe, and O'Reilly, with a January 29, 2007 deadline." Alessandro Crugnola will be part of the jury. Read more here.

October 18, 2006

C’est la Victoire! The EU Scores a Win Over Microsoft: rcpmag.com

"Microsoft is also throwing a concession to Google and others by changing how IE7 assigns a default search engine, as well as to Adobe -- which had threatened to squeal to the EU about Microsoft’s XPS document format and the infamous "save as PDF" feature -- by agreeing to submit XPS to an independent standards organization. (Both of those moves, incidentally, could harm more than help Google and Adobe -- especially Adobe, which seems to be doing everything it can to weaken its PDF enterprise and hand Microsoft its market share.)"
Read more here.

Symantec to Microsoft: an API is not enough: Ars Technica

"Earlier this week, I asked whether or not Symantec and McAfee would be satisfied with Microsoft's decision to expose an API to Vista's kernel rather than remove its core protection technology called PatchGuard. Symantec has responded to the question, and as suspected, the security company is not pleased."
Read more here.

Palestine conflict made into game: BBC

"A game based in the midst of the conflict in the Palestinian territories is set to be the latest release in the trend of politically-conscious gaming."
Read more here.

Find the last 74 articles of the Adobe Developer Center on Flex

Find the last 74 articles and tutorials of the Adobe Developer Center on Flex at The Definitive List here.

October 19, 2006

Adobe Extends Video Software Offerings with Acquisition of Serious Magic

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced it has acquired Serious Magic Inc.™, maker of video software and communications tools for creative professional, business, consumer, and education markets. With Serious Magic solutions such as DV Rack extending direct-to-disk recording and monitoring into the field and Visual Communicator and Vlog It™ delivering the power of video communication to general business users and casual bloggers, the acquisition strengthens Adobe's leadership position in video software -- for both video professionals and consumers."
Read more here.

Flash 9 player beta for Linux released

As everybody knows, the flash player 9 beta for linux is available to download here. Good job Flash Team! Emmy's post is a must read.

IE 7 is done. Nobody panic: ZDNet

"Microsoft has released to manufacturing the final Internet Explorer (IE) 7 bits for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. But that doesn't mean you and/or your organization will actually have them pushed to you via Automatic Update any time soon." Read more here. Dowload IE7 here.

Posting test with IE 7

I've dowloaded IE 7 for testing purposes. After the installation, characters changed in outlook. Tabs! No quite like firefox but tabs anyway. In the installation settings I agreed in some visual stuff and Movable Type's interface looks... clear I guess. Now the menu are icons and... it smells... Vista...
Dowload IE 7 here. The discusion takes place at slashdot here.

A flash sexy search engine, sort of (a great-looking looking female searcher who talks to you): The Guardian

"Ms Dewey is good for a bit of a laugh, but has little or no chance of forming a long term relationship, given that she's amazingly slow at coming up with results, and they are displayed in an extremely poor way."
Read more here.

IE7 vulnerability discovered already: Secunia

"INSECURITY FIRM Secunia, has already found an insecurity in newly unleashed IE7. The vulnerability can be exploited to disclose potentially sensitive information the firm says, though it gives it just two out of five on its criticality meter. An exasperated Thomas Kristensen, CTO of Secunnia says, "It is the half-year old information disclosure vulnerability which allows malicious sites to sneak on the content of other sites which hasn't been patched in the brand new IE7 release." "
Read more at The Inquirer and visit Secunia's discovering.

Lights, Camera... Actionscript!

I never before heard this kind of talk on Actionscript... Never... Search "actionscript" with Ms Dewey search engine. Its worth!
Don't be curious, don't search for "take off your clothes" (tip of one reader of actionscript hero)!
BTW if you find other funny searches use the comments!

October 20, 2006

IE 7 Fails Its First Security Test : Microsoft Watch

"It seems that Microsoft's brand-new Internet Explorer 7 browser, which was just released Oct. 18 for Windows XP, has already failed a security test. An advisory from Secunia, released Oct. 19, says the gold version of IE 7 was shipped with an information disclosure flaw that could be used in spoofing attacks. "
Read more here.

Minor issues surface after IE 7 launch: CNet

"Microsoft has defused what would be the most serious issue: a first security hole in the browser since its official release. There is a vulnerability, but in Outlook Express, not IE, Christopher Budd, a Microsoft security response representative, wrote on a corporate Microsoft blog Thursday. Security firms, including Secunia, had reported a flaw in IE 7." Read more here.

Bloggers are a tough crowd when it comes to IE 7: CNet

"Blog discussions are swirling around comparisons between IE 7 and rival products, security problems and speed of use, among other topics."
Read more here.

Ubuntu Releases Edgy Eft RC 1, Plans for Next Release: OSNews

"The Ubuntu team not only released the first release candidate for Edgy Eft (release notes), but also started pondering their next release, dubbed the 'Feisty Fawn'."
Read more here.

IE7: The ActiveX footprint in IE7 is about 90% smaller than IE6 (ZDNet)

"The ActiveX footprint in IE7 is about 90% smaller than IE6 because almost all of the ActiveX controls were completely disabled by default and only the most critical ActiveX controls for things like Media Player and Adobe Flash were kept on." Read more on "The bottom line on IE7".

Google Launches Website Optimizer: Slashdot

"Rockgod writes "Google Analytics Senior Manager Brett Crosby unveiled the tool, called Google Website Optimizer, this morning at the eMetrics summit in Washington D.C."
Read more here. The demo is in Breeze.

Don't ask to Ms Dewey about Adobe

Really, don't do it. Ms Dewey is rude. Grr

October 21, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 is better than IE 6, but doesn't beat Firefox: CNet

"For the first time in five years, Microsoft has released a new version of the Web browser. CNET News.com's Joris Evers and CNET.com's Robert Vamosi discuss IE 7's heavily promoted security features in this week's Security Bites."
Watch the video here.

Adobe Set For Busy Month: Forbes

"Adobe Systems didn’t start the year so hot. But it’s how you finish the race that counts, right?"
Read more here.

Is Web 2.0 the Advent of the Post-Modern Internet?: Slashdot

jg21 writes "Web 2.0 Journal has an essay on 'The Post-Modern Rhetoric of High Technology' in which the author contends that Web 2.0 is nothing less than 'the advent of the Post-Modern Internet. Will Web 2.0 be a revolution or a mere rebellion?"
Read more here.

Ubuntu chief: Oracle Linux has 'tactical value': CNet

"Oracle has the ability to support Linux, and doing so could have "tactical value" for the database company, the founder of Ubuntu Linux--and a potential Oracle partner--said Friday."
Read more here.

October 22, 2006

How Adobe launched a revolution: mercurynews.com

"How Adobe launched a revolution" by Ryan Blitstein, Mercury News. Read it here.

October 23, 2006

Five things to know about John Warnock and Chuck Geschke: The Mercury News

"Five things to know about John Warnock and Chuck Geschke" Read it here.

Adobe MAX 2006 bloggers: tag 'adobemax06'

JD writes:

"Tag 'adobemax06': If you're reporting on the Adobe MAX 2006 event, whether on-site or remote, then the keyword "adobemax06" can help others find it, thanks."
Read more here.

10 Biggest Computer Flops of all time [Via The Guardian]

"I keep meaning to produce some linkbait, and a list of great computer flops might work. Well, it appears to be working for the Real World blog with 10 Biggest Computer Flops of all time. This is probably not the worst top 10 of its kind. However, it does include some things that didn't flop at all (CP/M, Windows Me) while not mentioning mention Windows 1.0 or 2.0, and the list also misses a long string of hardware flops. For example: 3DO, Amstrad PenPad, Apple Cube, Apple Pippin, Atari Falcon, Be BeBox, Coleco Adam, Commodore CD32, Commodore Plus 4, DEC Rainbow, Elan/Flan Enterprise, Go, Netpliance i-Opener, Oracle's Network Computer, Osborne Executive, Philips CDi, Sinclair QL... There are probably a few dozen more, including some from Acorn and Psion that a US user might well miss."
[Via The Guardian]

Will Stallman Kill the "Linux Revolution?" [Slashdot]

"rdmfghtr writes "The October 30 issue of Forbes Magazine has an article speculating that Richard Stallman's efforts to rewrite the GPL could threaten to 'tear it apart.' The article describes how the GPLv3 is expected to be incompatible with the GPLv2, causing trouble for Linux vendors such as Novell and Red Hat. The article wraps it up: 'And a big loser, eventually, could be Stallman himself. If he relents now, he likely would be branded a sellout by his hard-core followers, who might abandon him."
Read more here.

Firefox 2.0 To Debut Tuesday [Slashdot]

"An anonymous reader writes "Firefox 2.0 for Tuesday, says the Seattle PI. They give a quick recap of some of the new features, and discuss the ongoing IE vs. Fox debate.""
Read more here.

Adobe Breeze rocks! (Now Acrobat Connect Professional)

I've been working with Adobe Breeze and I have to say that it rocks! For a overview click here. To experience Breeze Meting click here. Finally, there is a 15 day trial here.
I'm preparing some presentations right now and I hope ro share them soon.

Oracle and Adobe Collaborate to Enable Enterprise Rich Client Development: SYS-CON Media

"Oracle and Adobe today announced they are working together to enable developers to easily create Web 2.0 applications for the enterprise. For the first time, enterprise applications will be able to include animations, charts and graphs in Adobe(R) Flash(R) combined with other AJAX content surfaced in a rich Java- based portal such as Oracle Portal, which is part of the Oracle(R) Fusion Middleware product family."
Read more here.

Adobe getting Serious about YouTube: Blogging Stocks

"To keep the online video revolution moving, there is something very important: editing tools. Basically, editing video is no easy feat, which often requires expensive software and lots of training. Well, it looks like Adobe Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADBE) saw the opportunity and ceased it. That is, the company recently purchased Serious Magic, which has a variety of video tools, such as Vlog (for editing) and Video Communicator (for clip production)."
Read more here.

Firefox 2.0 hits FTP earlier than expected: Ars Technica

"Firefox 2.0 will be officially released tomorrow, but we have spotted what looks to be the official release in a newly-created directory on the Mozilla Foundation's FTP servers."
Read more here.

Oracle cosies up to Adobe for Web 2.0 Flash: VNUNet.com

"Oracle announced today that it has teamed up with Adobe to enable enterprise software engineers to combine animations, charts and graphs in Flash with AJAX content created for Java-based portals." Read more here.

Briefly: QT on Vista, Adobe/Apple tours: MacNN

"A new email from Apple notes that it is actively soliciting feedback on the development of its QuickTime software for Windows Vista, Microsoft's next generation operating system expected to be released early next year.... Adobe has announced the five-city Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 Premium tour, a seminar series event that focuses on the new version of the design suite that now includes Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional software and Dreamweaver 8, the Web development tool...." Read more here.

October 24, 2006

Adobe Unveils Adobe Digital Editions Public Beta

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today introduced the public beta of Adobe® Digital Editions, a Rich Internet Application (RIA) built from the ground up for digital publishing. With native support for Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) as well as an XHTML-based reflow-centric publication format, Digital Editions delivers an engaging way to acquire, read, and manage content, including eBooks, digital magazines, digital newspapers and other digital publications. Initially available as a free public beta for Windows®, Digital Editions will support Macintosh systems as a universal binary application, Linux® platforms, as well as mobile phones and other embedded devices in future versions."
Read more here.

Adobe Showcases Emerging Technologies and Designer/Developer Workflows at MAX 2006 Conference

"At its first MAX developer and customer event since joining forces with Macromedia, Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: ADBE) today will demonstrate technologies and future product workflows that make it possible to create and deliver new kinds of high-impact, rich applications and engaging content and experiences. Adobe is previewing the company’s next-generation technology, code-named Apollo, for developing rich Internet applications for the desktop, and debuting the public beta of Adobe Digital Editions, new software for interacting with eBooks and digital publications (see separate release)."
Read more here.

Adobe tries again with e-books: CNet

"Adobe Systems thinks it's time to revisit electronic books. The publishing software company on Tuesday is scheduled to release a beta of an e-book viewer and manager called Digital Editions at its Max 2006 customer conference in Las Vegas. "
Read more here.

Mozilla Launches Firefox 2.0 Browser: BetaNews

"As Mozilla vice president for engineering Mike Schroepfer told BetaNews in an interview, JavaScript 1.7 is an interim build - a "check point" on the way to finally implementing JavaScript 2.0, which is based on (actually a superset of) the ECMAscript 4.0 proposal that Netscape made to the ECMA standards body in 2003, and which incorporates Macromedia's (now Adobe's) ActionScript 2.0." Read more here.

Space tourist promotes open source: BBC

"The Shuttleworth Foundation is driving an open source software suite called Ubuntu - from the Zulu word meaning "humanity to others". Based on the Linux operating system, Ubuntu provides a desktop environment that works as an alternative to Microsoft Windows. Unlike Windows or Mac OS, Ubuntu - being open source - is free. "
Read more here.

AppFusion announces plans for Adobe's Apollo: bobsguide

"AppFusion, the leading provider of Rich Internet Applications based Business Intelligence solutions announced today that it plans to provide full support for Apollo, Adobe’s upcoming cross-operating system runtime for deploying Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) to the desktop."
Read more here.

Adobe President: eBook and Digital Publishing Market Will Be "Energized" by Adobe Digital Editions: SYS-CON Media

"“By creating a specialized, consumer-friendly application like Digital Editions, Adobe is ensuring publishers can securely deliver high-impact content to the widest possible audience, across hardware platforms, operating systems and devices,” said Shantanu Narayen (pictured), president and COO at Adobe, as he today introduced at the MAX 2006 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas the public beta of Adobe's new Rich Internet Application (RIA) built from the ground up for digital publishing."
Read more here.

vote for your favourite video blogger in the Vloggies: The Guardian

"You can now vote for your favourite video blogger in the Vloggies, and there are plenty of categories to choose from.
[...] Even if you don't plan to vote, it's an interesting look at what's available now and has some level of recognition. Pity it's all on one long page..." [Via The Guardian].

Adobe Chief Software Architect: "MAX 2006 is a milestone in the integration of Adobe and Macromedia..." [Sys-Con]

"MAX 2006 is both a milestone in the integration of Adobe and Macromedia, and a reflection of what’s possible when all these creative forces come together," said Kevin Lynch (pictured), Adobe SVP & Chief Software Architect today here in Las Vegas, where Adobe is staging its first MAX developer and customer event since joining forces with Macromedia." Read more here.

October 25, 2006

"Watch Out Microsoft, The Adobe Vision For 2007-8 Is Huge!": Sys-Con

"There's always an inherent danger, for any company getting behind a meta-theme like "revolutionizing how the world engages with ideas and information ­ anytime, anywhere and through any medium," that it has defined a wish rather than a reality. The thousands of developers assembled in the keynote hall of The Sands Expo Center here in Las Vegas are undoubtedly united in a desire to decide for themselves which applies." Read more here.

The Web Is Exciting Again. There has never been a better time to be building Web applications than now: Sys-Con

"ColdFusion developers have known for years how powerful rapid development can be and how much of a difference that makes when building dynamic Web applications. Over the course of a little more than a year we've watched as the Web model was turned on its head in favor of something that feels much more intuitive and is much more user-friendly. Part of this change has come about because of what most people call "Web 2.0." Web 2.0 has brought about more buzzwords than a marketing convention. A lot of normal users have stopped trying to figure out what tagging is, what AJAX means, or what the blogosphere really is. They have to be wondering why most of the Web sites they're using suddenly have "beta" on them."
Read more here.

MAX 2006: Mindshare Management – What Adobe Could (Should?) Do Next: Sys-Con

8 Steps to Capturing Developers' Hearts and Minds. Read it here.

Adobe to launch $100M venture fund: TechJournal South

"During the Adobe MAX 2006 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, which began October 23 and continues through the 26th, Kevin Lynch, the company’s Senior VP and Chief Software Architect, announced that Adobe will be creating a $100,000,000 venture fund that will be available to innovative companies using Adobe technology."
Read more here.

Adobe Extends Support for Rich Internet Applications to Macintosh and Linux Platforms

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced it is extending its powerful toolset for designing and deploying a new class of rich Internet applications to the Apple Macintosh platform. Unveiled at the MAX 2006 Adobe user conference, the pre-release version of Adobe® Flex™ Builder™ 2 for the Mac enables developers on the Macintosh platform to build next generation Web applications that combine the benefits of desktop software with the reach of the Web to create more engaging user experiences. With support for both Intel® and PowerPC® hardware, pre-release versions of Flex Builder 2 for the Mac and the Flex Builder 2 Eclipse™ Plug-in for the Mac are now publicly available at Adobe Labs, at https://www.labs.adobe.com/ ."
Read more here.

Adobe and Teleca Partner to Accelerate Adoption of Flash to Worldwide Mobile Community

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) and Teleca today announced an agreement to provide comprehensive implementation support for Adobe® Flash® Lite™ and FlashCast™ solutions to mobile operators and handset original equipment manufacturers (OEM) worldwide."
Read more here.

Verizon Wireless Delivers North America’s First Flash Enabled Mobile Applications

"At MAX, Adobe's annual user conference, Verizon Wireless, Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) and QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM) today announced the availability of Adobe® Flash® Lite™ technology via the Verizon Wireless network. Flash Lite for BREW® facilitates Flash content to run on Verizon Wireless' Get It Now®-enabled phones and enables over-the-air distribution, giving Verizon Wireless customers the ability to purchase applications and automatically “Flash enable” their phones. The alliance will provide developers in North America a new way to create and commercialize rich mobile applications and content that deliver exceptional mobile experiences to millions of Verizon Wireless customers."
Read more here.

IE7 From a Firefox User's Perspective: Slashdot

" Buertio writes, "A week with IE takes a look at IE7 from the perspective of a long-time Firefox user. The verdict? Microsoft has come a long way but still has some way to go before taking on Firefox and Opera." "
Read more here.

Adobe boosts 4Q outlook on gain: BusinessWeek

" Adobe Systems Inc. said Wednesday it is boosting its fourth-quarter earnings guidance based on a gain from the recent sale of an equity investment. The company now expects earnings between 29 cents and 32 cents per share, up from previous guidance between 19 cents and 22 cents per share. Besides the gain, Adobe said it will incur lower stock compensation expense than was originally expected."
Read more here.

Adobe Systems Provides Intra-Quarter Business Update

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: ADBE) today is providing its regular intra-quarter business update for its fourth quarter of fiscal 2006, which ends December 1, 2006. With more than five weeks remaining in its fourth quarter, Adobe reaffirmed it believes the Company will achieve quarterly revenue of $655 to $685 million. This original revenue target range was provided by the Company on September 14, 2006."
Read more here.

Shockwave.com Launches New Category of Mobile Games With Verizon Wireless

"New Shockwave Minis Built on Adobe Flash Lite Platform Offer Consumers Wide Selection of Fun, Quick and Easy to Play Casual Mobile Games; Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants and MTV's Pimp My Ride Among New Titles"
Read more here.

Adobe ponies up for Apollo: CNet

"Adobe Systems plans to spend $100 million in venture funding to promote its software development platforms, with a particular focus on Apollo, which allows people to run Web applications without a browser. Company executives at Adobe's Max developer conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday disclosed the plans to fund third-party software start-ups, in allocations over the next three to five years. The software maker also released a preview version of Apollo and other development-related tooling. "
Read more here.

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