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July 25, 2003

Detecting Flash

The best flash player inspector is the "moock fpi"... for me, at least. I found it in "Moock bureau of flash investigation". I'm using it for my flash console and looks great.

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July 28, 2003

Bandiwdth Detector and bandwidth meter

Bandiwdth Detector
Thanks to Jesse Warden for his posts in the Chattyfig lists.
Chattyfig thread "Come on guys/gals! Is it bytes or bits?" :
CNET : Internet : Bandwidth meter
"Want to know how your connection to the Web stacks up? This service will run a quick test that will compare your connection to DSL, cable modems, and more". Just for the US...

August 3, 2003

LoadClass v1.01, dynColortween Mx v1.01 and bouncy menu system

For my fl_aSH console, I'm working with Bokel's LoadClass v1.01, Tatsuo Kato's dynColorTween Mx v1.01 and a bouncy menu system built by Peter Amisano from PB&J; Solutions, who got inspired by

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August 8, 2003

Bokel released LoaderClass 1.02

[Update August 12, 2003]
Thread in Chattyfig on "Bokel's Preloader Class - Revisited"
Thread in Chattyfig on "Bokel's Preloader Class - Queue Management?"
Thread in Chattyfig on "Bokel's Preloader Class - "onLoadProgress" callback function"
Thread (december 2002) in Chattyfig on "Is Bokel's onLoad method applicable with onData?"

[update August 9, 2003]
More information :
Flashcoders: Thread in Chattyfig on "Bokel's Preloader Class".
There is also a good explanation about class creation by [email protected]
Joen Weidemann post in Chattyfig on "Yet Another Preloader Question":
I cannot imagine anything simpler and more effective than Bokel's preloaderClass. It really works. It's already written. You only
need to add [...]

As you can remember, the Bokel's LoaderClass was my final selection. Now, Bokel released LoaderClass 1.02. This guy is serious. Really. Please read the release and don't forget to donate if you find his work useful!

October 13, 2003

Flash MX 2004 and ActionScript 2.0 Tutorials: The Definitive List (First Edition)

[RELEASE: The Second and definitive Edition is online!! Tons of tutorials, tips and articles!!! You can check it here. TIP: Use the search feature with keywords or authors to find your favorites topics. Note: this page will not longer be updated with tutorials, check the new version.]

[Announce: January 10, 2004: RSS and JavaScript Generator launched! Now you can create your own RSS Feeds and JavaScript! Display listings of tutorials in your blog or website and syndicate The Definitive List setting your preferences! Read announcement here.]

[Announce: January 9, 2004: Content Syndication is available (RSS 2.0 - RSS 0.91 and JavaScript)! Read announce here and visit The Definitive List: you'll find the RSS feeds and JavaScripts at the top of every page.]

[Announce: December 12, 2003: Flash MX 2004 and ActionScript 2.0 Tutorials: The Definitive List (Second Edition) will be released the next week. New environment with search feature, new and updated tutorials. Stay tunned!]
[Update: October 27, 2003: 152 links]
[Update: October 15, 2003: 131 links]
[Update: October 14, 2003: 127 links]
[October 13, 2003: 117 links]
Below there are list of tutorials, tips and articles (In English, French and Dutch) on Flash MX 2004 and ActionScript 2.0 that I have begun to put together. I figured that it might be useful for the Flash Community, so here it is, a centralized and selected source since the release of Flash MX 2004 a month ago. Enjoy the series.

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January 8, 2004

Content syndication (RSS Feed and JavaScript) for: Flash MX 2004 and ActionScript 2.0 Tutorials: The Definitive List!!!

I'm very pleased to announce that content syndication (RSS 2.0, RSS 0.91 and JavaScript) for "Flash MX 2004 and ActionScript 2.0 Tutorials: The Definitive List" is available!

You can add these feeds to your aggregators or display the contents of The Definitive List in your blog, website or application. You can also customize your own feeds: just send me a private message via the board.
Select your favorites lists-forums! You can display the contents in your blog, website or application and offer to your readers your "Definitive RSS Feed List" and "Definitive JavaScript Content Display List". If you have a list-forum, customize your own RSS feed and JavaScript!

The links for the Full Blend (Full blend: last 99 topics. Important note: Currently there are at least 415 tutorials, tips and articles listed!! So you might to browse the Definitive List via the search feature, don't miss anything!):
RSS 2.0
RSS 0.91

Check The Hall of Justhese, category aggregators, to see the RSS feeds (2.0 - 0.91) in action.
For the JavaScript syndication, check it out here the JavaScript Full Blend (cool isn't? Imagine your blog or website displaying the full blend like that or just your forum-list favorite!!!):
JavaScript Display - Full Blend - Last 99

February 3, 2004

Surprise, surprise... New Flash Player Developer Center!!!

Now, the flash player has a great developer center with articles, tutorials and documentation about the Flash Player platform. How cool is that? Topics:
  • Embedding Flash
  • Ubiquity
  • Accessibility
  • The current version of Flash Player
  • Security
  • Authoring for Flash Player
  • Detection
  • Licensing

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