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March 10, 2004

Tokioplastic 2: Coming spring 2004

Do you remember Tokyoplastic? The winner of the Flash Film Festival (3D category), held in San Francisco at FlashFoward2003?

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April 26, 2004

Flash Festival 2004 -- Paris

Well, this is it. The Flash Festival 2004 is here, well almost. I'll be there, near the champagne bottles. Read more about the festival here.

June 19, 2004

FLASHEUROPE. European Flash Conference Barcelona 2004 (Flash Film Festival, Flash Jam Session & ActionScript Masters Contest)

I'll be there!!! I hope to see my fellow spanish colleagues!
"Great experiences are hard to quantify, but we all know when we are having them. They are the memorable events that give shape to our lives. We believe that technology has reached a point in enabling the digital world to move beyond function towards great experiences - experiences that can complement and even compete with those of the physical world”.
More information here.

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July 26, 2004

Partial list of speakers for the European Flash Conference Barcelona 2004

Here is the partial list of speakers for the conference:
Actionscript Hero
André Michelle
Andries Odendaal
Aral Balkan
Carlo Blatz | Powerflahers
Carlos Rovira
Chafic Kazoun | Rewindlife
Chris Pelsor | Snogboggin
Craig Swan | CrashMedia
Daniel de la Cruz | Grannatta
Danny Franzeb | Taobot
Erik Natzke
Ferry Perret Gentil | DPDK
Florian Kruesch |
Francis Bourre | Tweenpix
Giovanni Antico
Grant Skinner
Guy Watson | Flash Guru
Jorge Solis
JT Paasch | Absconditus
Kawus Nouri | heavystereo
Kristine Malden | Lecielestbleu
Marco Antonio Morales
Marcos Weskamp
Mariano Klein | Domestika
Mario Klingeman | Quasimondo | Cô
Owen van Dijk | Colckwork
Pedro Alpera | Robotua
Peter Elst
Peter Hall
Philippo Gregoretti | Forteyang
Phillipe Cielen
Ralph Bockelberg | Cô
Samantha Jacobs
Sascha Wollter | Flashforum
Sebastian Deutsch | Vlight
Sebastian Kaltmeyer
Thijs Triemstra | Collab
Tomato Interactive

Barcelona, I'm coming!

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August 23, 2004

Flash Parade 2003 refund

I've been told that someone who registered to the Flash Parade 2003 Marseille France using my promotional code never got the refund when the Flash Parade was cancelled. First: my apologies. Second: I'm trying to contact the people of Vision Flash to see what happened and I'll make sure that the refund takes place.
If you also have some problems with your refund, let me know because I'm going to talk with them, please write me to [email protected] with the subject: Flash Parade refund. But I can only assure the refunding for the people who used my promotional code.

Back from holidays in Barcelone. Antoni Gaudi rocks! Some pictures, Quick Time VR' and Flasheurope thoughts

I just came back from Barcelone. Nice city. Here some pictures of Gaudi's work. For those comming to the European Flash Conference Barcelona 2004 in November, well, a taste of the city. As I'm not a good photographer, I prefer to point you to nice pictures of nice photographers:
Manuel Armengol
Jordi Belver
Francesc Català-Roca
Ramon Manet
Leopoldo Pomés
Humberto Rivas

But not only Antoni Gaudi i Cornet rocks, Lluís Domènech i Montaner, Josep Puig i Cadafalch, Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert, Cèsar Martinell i Brunet, Joan Rubió i Bellver and Enric Sagnier Villavecchia have a great work as well!

Joey Lott interviewed by Francis Bourre. Great interview! (a must read)

After the nice interview with Colin Moock, now we have Joey Lott. Some topics: the virtual two commandments of a good ActionScript developer; design patterns to work with ActionScript; clean encapsulation, reusability and speed coding; Joey's background before discovering Flash; favourite Flash sites; the CDRom about ActionScript 2.0; the next book; flash remoting and FMX2004; AS2.0 remoting components; AS 2.0 tutorials; Macromedia Central; Macromedia Flex; the JFSL format and Flash extensions; the new v2.0 components architecture; Macromedia's EULA; next flash, whishlist and features and more! All here.

This is the third interview (August 19) of "portraits" series.

Thank you Francis for these portraits!

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August 27, 2004

Marc Canter and 'le poulet bourbonnais'

Marc Canter (FOAF; founder of Macromedia) is in Paris. Theres is a dinner tonight at "Wine Bal L'evasion": "a typical French Wine Bar, good food, excellent Wine". Menu:

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September 3, 2004

Flasheurope Speaker: Application development with Macromedia Central

I just got my .gif of FlashEurope 2004 Speaker. Yay! My conference: "Application Development for Macromedia Central". Nice .gif isn't ? :o)

May 24, 2005

Flash Festival and Mike Chambers

Mike Chambers is in Europe right now. Cool. Cedric Muller will be also at the Flash Festival. I'll take some pictures of the festival ! Stay tunned !

May 26, 2005

Mike Chambers' seminars and conferences in France

  • The First one on Flash 8: saturday 28, 15:30-16:30 GMT+1: registration here.
  • The Seconde one (seminar online) on Flash MX 2004 Professional: monday 30, 10:00-11:00 GMT+1: registration here.

May 30, 2005

Flash Festival 2005 winners

Here are the winners ("Laureats") of the Flash Festival 2005 in France. Jared Tarbell was part of the jury.

April 16, 2006

Flash Festival 2006

Grant Skinner, André Michelle, Francis Bourre... at the Flash Festival 2006 in France. Stay tunned !

April 27, 2006

Best blog design you have ever seen... [Flash oriented]

Just wondering. I say Grant Skinner' blog.

May 16, 2006

Afterhours Mega Session 2006 7th Edition on May 19th, Brussels

I'm going to attend the Afterhours Mega Session 2006 7th Edition on May 19th in Brussels.
Will talk with Peter Elst about some interesting projects!
More info:

May 17, 2006

I hope to see you in Brussels on May 19 at the Afterhours Mega Session 2006

If you are attending the Afterhours megasession I'll be more than glad to meet you!

May 19, 2006

Peter Elst on the history of Actionscript

Peter's conference just started here in Brussels. It's just great! He started with the history of flash showing us FutureSplashAnimator (1996) that I never saw before. He went year by year and finally he show us a film of the making of Flash 8. Then he started with the history of ActionScript itself, version by version and then he take us to the future of Actionscript.

May 29, 2006

Flash Festival 2006 winners

The winners of the Flash Festival France 2006 are here. Click en "Finalistes et Lauréats".

Here are the winners:
Prix du Public:
Grand Prix:

September 18, 2006

Flashforward technical merit winner: Flash Commodore 64 Emulator

Congratulations to Darron and Claus !
Flash Commodore 64 Emulator

September 22, 2006

Actionscript Hero celebrates the world wide web

All the best !
One Web. One World. One Wish. The mission of OneWebDay is to create, maintain, advance, and promote a global day to celebrate online life: September 22, 2006.
OneWebDay from Paris, France.

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September 29, 2006

Flash Developer Opportunity in Paris France Area

A high-profile agency based in Paris France is working in a special project, that would require top level development skills. Contact me via comments if you're interested. Leave your email please.

October 23, 2006

Adobe MAX 2006 bloggers: tag 'adobemax06'

JD writes:

"Tag 'adobemax06': If you're reporting on the Adobe MAX 2006 event, whether on-site or remote, then the keyword "adobemax06" can help others find it, thanks."
Read more here.

December 13, 2006

Great job opportunity!

An exciting new start-up, with major funding from Europe's premier venture capital firm, seeks talented developers to join its young, energetic team.

Must be the best at what you do. Must be interested in helping to create the next big thing on the web . Must be interested in making some serious money.

Only enterprising, self-starters need apply.

Contact name : Stefan surzycki

February 15, 2007

Thanks to all the portuguese people who wrote to me regarding the plagiarism of Actionscript

I'm amazed of the support that portuguese people has for ActionScript Indeed, it seems that the company that points to my blog and forum is portuguese:

Thanks to the support !
Feedback here as my comments section is broken.

"AJT PUBLICIDADE": remove my blog and forum from your 4 domains!

[email protected]
Av Dom Rodrigo Da Cunha 10 3B
LISBOA, 1700-141
Phone: +351218461746
Fax: +351218465220

Remove now my blog and forum from your 4 domains!:

Olá leitores.
Talvez você esteja acessando uma cópia e não realmente meu sítio.
Por favor visite

Thanks again to Christopher Wigginton!
and Daniel Allegretti!

February 16, 2007

The battle of Actionscript we are winning!

From the 4 domains stealing my content, 3 are down (bang, bang!!!). I'm waiting the 4th to surrender without conditions ;)

February 19, 2007

My IP address have been hijacked! Emergency, aSH speaking... (Video link)

The company that hosts my website just confirmed... MY IP address have been hijacked!!!
4 domains have been unplugged... It remains one:
it belongs to a portuguese company...

Stay tunned ! Link video.

Become an Actionscript Hero!

Many emails of people asking how they can become ActionScript Heroes... well, is hard... some tips in this video:

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