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September 1, 2003

Flash MX 2004 Community Poll: The feedback of the Flash Community.

OK, Flash MX 2004 is here (almost!). The community input has been always very important. Have your say, vote and add your own poll (with your name and link) with this FlashMX-based poll.

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Text: "Flash MX 2004 Community Poll" or "FlashMX 2004 Poll"

End of this Poll / Survey:
May 01, 2004 at 23:48:00

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September 4, 2003

7 POLL/SURVEY: Worldwide Macromedia Users Group Meeting

Have your say! Did you see it? How it was? Are you satisfied? Take part of this flash-based poll/survey on MM MX2004!

September 7, 2003

8. POLL/SURVEY: What version of Flash MX 2004 do you plan to use? by Jen deHaan (

Flash MX 2004? Flash MX Professional 2004? Will wait and choose after using a trial version? Will wait for more information and feedback? By Jen deHaan, from Jen also wrote a note ( on "Would you go Pro?".

September 18, 2003

9. POLL/SURVEY: What are your favourites features in Flash MX Professional 2004?

Below are the special features listed by Macromedia for Flash MX Professional 2004 in "Take a tour of the Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 features". Have Your Say!

Advanced Application Development
Forms | Advanced Components | Project Panel | Source Code Control | External ActionScript File Editing | Slides
Data Connectivity
Data Connector Components | Data Binding | Data Source Shadowing
High-Quality Video Experiences
Flash Video Exporter | Enhanced Video Playback | Improved Video Encoder | External FLV with Progressive Playback | Media Components
Device Deployment
Device Player Emulators | MIDI Ring Tones | Device Templates

September 22, 2003

10. POLL/SURVEY: Do you OOP-AS? by RuneImp (

1. Inheritance RULES!
2. Classes are nice but Private, Static?
3. I like functions...
4. Is a text field and object?

Have your say! Vote now!

About RuneImp:
[email protected]
"I'm a web hosting owner and web developer specializing in Flash and PHP scripting. I also dance with a group called Everything Celtic and enjoy the sport of whip cracking in affiliation with the Whip Enthusiasts".

I have to say, RuneImp is not only a well known moderator of FLASHmacromedia (yahoogroups), but one of the most important contributors in the Flash Community. He's doing a great job and we appreciate that. Thanks RuneImp!

December 3, 2003

DevNet Resource Kit Volume 5 (DRK 5) available for non DevNet subscribers

"The Macromedia DevNet Resource Kit Volume 5 is now available. Volume 5 delivers the latest functionality to your Macromedia MX 2004 tools with a new set of Macromedia Flash MX 2004 components, Dreamweaver MX 2004 extensions, and a host of components, tags, and utilities for ColdFusion MX. The CD also contains sample applications and an archive of the last three months of articles on the Developer Center website." Read more here.


Macromedia Flash MX
Tab Bar Component
Updated Component Sets
Font Browser Sample Application
Selection to Drawing API
Image Sprayer
Pollster 2.0
Weather Sample Application

ColdFusion MX
Blog Man Application
Weblog Service Application
Lighthouse Bug Tracker Application
Pollster 2.0
Socket.cfc Component
CFID3 Component
HTTP Agent Tag
Query Randomize Function

Dreamweaver MX
Advanced Search
Conditional Region
JavaScript Panel
Polling Application Object
Privacy Policy Extension Suite
BCL WebContent

Fireworks MX 2003
Duplicate, Offset & Rotate extension

Additional Learning Resources
Developer Center Archive
Book Excerpts

Read details of these resources here.

Read the release notes for the DevNet Resource Kit Volume 5 here.

Note: Support when buying the DevNet Resource Kit Volume 5 (DRK 5) by clicking on this affiliate banner just before you place your order at Thank you for your support.

January 28, 2004

ActionScript Hero of the Month, January 2004: Submissions are opened!

The submissions are anonymous and confidential. The ActionScript Hero for January 2004 will be announced on January 31, 2004 at At the end of the year, a SPECIAL PRICE will be offered to the ActionScript Hero of the Year, elected between the 12 finalists (+ Jesse Warden, ActionScript Hero of December 2003) by community poll.

September 30, 2006

Poll/Survey on Actionscript Hero Adventures. Please vote!

This is a Poll to understand better the needs of the Flash Community.
Vote here.

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